‘Studio Without Walls’ The Network: ‘Live + Sessions’ #audiovisual

WP_20180719_15_47_03_ProStudio Without Walls: L8R! Live From Liverpool

A curated event featuring live acts… Acoustic / Full Band

Audio/Visual Interviews: Undertaken prior to live gig / show & utilised for Juice Liverpool & for the Darkhollow / Krossfire / Plan 9 Magazine / Juice / LHS / Studio2 You Tube Channels.

All filmed/recordings will be submitted for use to the media/drinks/equipment partners involved in the individual events i.e. Blackstar, Gibson, Roland etc. Fireball, Monster Energy, Jack Daniels, Budweiser, Jägermeister, alongside external partners… & of course all audio/visual material will be provided for each artist to utilise themselves from their many online & social portals!

Audio: recorded for radio use at Juice Liverpool. Alongside potential use for Love Hope Strength Music Portal. (also added to playlists on Spotify/i-tunes etc. (& the artists themselves) Audio will also be mastered & then pressed to an exclusive vinyl ep series connected to the events!

This is an opportunity to be part of the 1st ever dedicated series of events coming out of one of the most iconic music spaces in the city & showcasing the best from Liverpool & around the world. This series will become a definitive ‘document’ & form part of an ongoing documentary that will series the next part of the evolution of music from one of the greatest musical cities in the world.

The listening/viewing figures for this event will be immersive & the events will be seen & heard Worldwide! (WWW) & will raise awareness & monies for research & cures for cancer & become the flagship portal for the only dedicated rock ‘n’ roll cancer charity LHS (Love Hope Strength Foundation)

Never has an audio/visual concept like this been undertaken just to showcase music & change because we can! This is not about how much can we make… This is about what difference can we make… to the future… Time to put back in instead of just taking out… YOUR chance to be part of a unique creative concept & change the face of the city, music & the planet forever… Join us in change…

#oneman #oneband #oneguitar #oneconcert #onedownload
#getonthelist #keeptheflamesofhopealive
Jj: Darkhollow/StudioWithoutWalls

burn live1Myself (Jj Haggar: Dj/Presenter) Paul Townrow (Producer) got together to create an audio/visual ‘live‘ project called ‘Studio Without Walls’

The essence of this project is to record acoustic sessions & Live Gigs and then ‘master‘ them in the studio to facilitate their use for radio broadcast but also to offer the artist the chance to utilise tracks for a EP release or even full concert album. This would be digital (download) or physical (cd/vinyl) We use Pre-Sonus ‘Studio One’ to record the live shows direct from the artists mixing desk working alongside the artist live engineer and then take it back to the production studio to be mastered.

Our engineers have worked with some of the biggest names in music, like Public Enemy, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Erasure, Coldplay, Elbow, Oasis, Rhianna, Primal Scream, Echo and the Bunnymen, Doves, The Lightning Seeds, Anathema, The Alarm, Big Country and many more. This enables ANY artist to monetise their Live session for very little output but maximum comeback as the tracks can be individually used to promote their product however they should wish! We are working with both emerging and established artists alongside independent and national promoters! The audio can be matched to visual to create a ‘you tube’ session sensation to also promote the artist.

1 micCan you really create a quality recording with just one microphone and one mic preamp? http://youtu.be/T5OYkfzwOBw

radio-station-micThe Network Sessions!

These are acoustic / electric performances and interview recorded and filmed. They are ‘Gone Elvis’ One Vocal, One Guitar, evoking the ‘Spirit Of 56’ and Sun Studios. Basically we will be at the studio waiting, everything will be set up ready to record, they roll in, I do a brief interview, and the artist plays… Often this takes 30/45 mins, 1 hour tops… if you can strip a song back and perform it like it was written then you are Rock ‘N Roll, if you can’t then don’t darken my door! Produced by Paul and utilised via Jj’s radio show on Juice Radio. They are also offered as syndication to several other Public Broadcasting Services in Wales. Artists have been Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Marika Hackman, Fearless Vampire Killers, Revoker, Jim Lockley, Itch, Radkey, The Virgin Marys, Goldheart Assembly, Beyond The State, Orient Machine, Joe Silva. & The Frames, Diamond Head & Mike Peters (The Alarm) have done ‘Wall’ sessions with Jj. Of course of you want to do a Full Band acoustic / electric session, we can make that happen too xx

In 2015 we also had ‘North Rising’ with both solo acoustic and full electric performances recorded at the former Aerial Studios Bunker (Now ROC2) in Wrexham, North Wales.  The ‘visual’ aspect was an add on to the audio and not necessary if the artist does not want it. But it’s something we hope to develop.

Mike Peters – Glyndwr TV: https://youtu.be/zPDx9hPg7kg


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