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The Krazyhouse: 10-16, Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4AQ: Liverpool’s #1 Alternative club / Venue; was open 3 nights a week, with 3 Floors of Music / 3 bars every Thursday, Friday & Saturday night. The Krazyhouse (K1, K2, K3) is Liverpool’s only dedicated Alternative Venue / Club with a music policy that was 35% Metal Hammer/Kerrang! (Metal / Rock) 35% NME (Indie / Sk8ter / Alternative) 15% Mixmag (Eclectic / Dance) & 15% Other! (Chart), it showed a diverse sense of musical styles with the combined attraction of Live gigs through the year the club was considered for 28 years to be one of the top clubs in the U.K. in its genre.

Graphic8A three-tier venue / club with over 1,500 customers passing through the doors every weekend. The club and bar was open 11pm – 4am Thursday/Friday/Saturday. Album launches & special events every month! The Krazyhouse brought together separate dance floors, each offering a different music policy on the respected club night. ‘The higher the floor, the lighter the music’ Each floor ran from its own individual PA system and the DJ has a different set list tailored to that specific floor. The drinks prices were among the most competitive in the area, (Budweiser, Red Stripe, Fosters, WKD, Jack Daniels, Smirnoff Ice etc.) NOT cheap branded imitations!

14247913_10157518550365160_628908517_o‘Plug In & Play Out’ Thursday: Student-Alternative-Nu-Skool’

ambush-fri-jan‘New York Sugar Factory’ Friday: Trashed-Mashed-Back-2-Skool’

k3-rage-sat-new-oct-16rage_december_back-2‘Robot Rock’ Saturday: Metal-Rock-F**k-Skool’

Krazyhouse live logo

Live Music returned to Liverpool’s #1 Alternative. The 800 capacity first floor (K1) had a Brand New Secondary Stage Area with an Awesome 30k Sound system in place. The lighting was brought up to date. The future inclusion of a dedicated dressing room area for artists was to be undertaken. Also the addition of a secondary Live ‘Studio’ Area with it’s own dedicated sound & lighting systems. Artists such as Inme Frontman Dave McPherson alongside local acts have utilized the space for an acoustic performance!

The Original K1 Stage remained (Frequented by Oasis, Moby, Korn, Stereophonics, Radiohead & Many More Million Selling Acts over the last two decades) This area is now utilized for events such as the Biggest Freshers with dedicated Dj sets, Fire Breathers, Pole Dancers, Cage Girls, Cosplay & Catwalk Shows!

19059342_10155346173257482_4601008515245922582_nK1/First Floor: K2/Second Floor: K3/Third Floor:

2018 The ‘K’ klosed it’s door for the last time! A new ‘K’ was born. #endofk #startofk 

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