Murder Ballads: Graphic Novel + “10 EP

JFDelux_clamshell_1024x1024Mondo and Z2 Comics are proud to present the original score to the musical noir graphic novel MURDER BALLADS, composed and produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and featuring vocals by iconic bluesman Robert Finley. This limited edition box set contains the score on heavyweight, colored 10″ vinyl, the full 160-page graphic novel written by Gabe Soria and illustrated by Paul Reinwand and Chris Hunt, and three exclusive prints by artist Tyler Boss. The entire collection will be housed in a custom clamshell box with exclusive painted art by Jon Langford of The Mekons. Comic books are a visual medium, obviously. But in his upcoming graphic novel Murder Ballads, writer Gabe Soria tried to invest the format with music — specifically the blues. Dan Auerbach and Robert Finley recorded the original score for the book at Easy Eye Studios in Nashville, collaborating with Gabe to weave the story’s narrative into the music, resulting in an organic marriage of sound, narrative and graphic image. The story of Murder Ballads explores the seedy underbelly of American music history, the darkness and violence that sometimes fuels hit records.

Murder_Ballads_03_Proof_1024x1024MURDER BALLADS follows the fall and reinvention of Nate Theodore, the dead-broke and deadbeat owner of a failed record label who is on a cross-country drive in the dead of winter with his wife Mary, fleeing the wreckage of their business and heading towards the destruction of their marriage. But Nate is given an unexpected chance to redeem himself when, during an unscheduled detour, he “discoversDonny and Marvell Fontweathers, two African-American brothers who play a singular version of doom-laden country blues.

Music runs through the entire comic. Like a classic vinyl record, Murder Ballads is even split into two halves, with ‘Side A’ illustrated by Paul Reinwand and ‘Side B’ illustrated by Chris Hunt. Murder Ballads‘ protagonist is Nate Theodore, a down-and-out record producer who’s failed at pretty much everything he’s ever tried. On a desperate cross-country road trip with his wife, ecstatic that he’s “discovered” such a hot talent, Nate determines to make a hit record with them but soon realizes there might be a higher cost than he expected, and things don’t go the way anyone expects.

In order to tie into that story, Finley and Auerbach worked with Soria to craft a soundtrack that fit the mood and plot. The Murder Ballads Original Soundtrack contains four original songs (“Bang Bang,” “Butter Sandwich,” “The Empty Arms,” and “Three Jumpers”) and one cover of the iconic Leadbelly blues song “In the Pines,” which Donny and Marvell are playing furiously when Nate discovers them for the first time.

Murder_Ballads_FC_disc_1024x1024 Soria tells EW in a statement. “Everybody (or at least I hope everybody) knows the feeling of falling in love with a piece of art. Whether it’s a movie, a book, a game, or, in the case of Murder Ballads, a musician and their music, that shock of recognition is one of the most sublime, mystical, and personal experiences you can have. That’s the type of music story that Nate wants to be part of, but in our story, things get a little twisted and Nate’s scheming sets off a domino effect of complications. It’s basically one of the creation myths of American recorded music – intrepid explorer finds ‘real’ music hidden away in some out of the way place and brings it to the masses – combined with some classic American noir. Think the Anthology of American Folk Music if its liner notes were one of those Vintage Crime/Black Lizard paperbacks. That’s the mood right there.”

The soundtrack is not sold separately but is available only with a purchase of the graphic novel itself. Fans can either buy the standard edition and get a downloadable code or reach for the Mondo-exclusive deluxe version which comes with the soundtrack as a vinyl 10″ EP.

27_28_murder_ballads_interiors-low-rezCheck out a preview of Murder Ballads above. The graphic novel is limited to 500 copies and available only through Mondo. out July 25 from Z2 Comics.


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