Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown! Live!

WP_20170613_10_24_22_ProTyler Bryant & The Shakedown / The Bad Flowers / Black Cat Bones: Chester: 12:06:17

Rolling into Chester Monday night after the weekend of Download Festival feels like the whole Rock world is either still in a field near derby or recovering in their bed after washing away the mud! So it’s with pleasant surprise that I’m greeted by a smiling Dan at The Live Rooms & a good crowd already sampling the delights of the bar..

_ND41292_00003Unfortunately I’ve missed the opening act Ben Roberts as I’m late due to a wardrobe malfunction (huge rip in the arse of my jeans. Check shirt around waist needed) but just as I walk in Liverpool’s Black Cat Bones are getting their groove on.. last time I caught the band was in Manchester opening up for The Answer where they not only gave that night’s headliners a run for their money, but beat them at their own game.. They are a band on the rise.. Tonight they seem slightly subdued, this makes for a more ‘real’ performance and they still manage to find their gears and as the set rolls on they hit their stride when the ‘harp’ comes out for the title track of their recent EP ‘The River’ in a blink of an eye their beer & sweat soaked rock ‘n’ roll is done & dusted.. I notice that nobody leaves the room while they play & the merch stall is busy after.. So job done good guys.. They tour with Massive in July.. Set List: Seen Better Days, Headcase, Lust, Give You The World, The River, Devil You Know, Silverline..


_ND41303_00005Following comes The Bad Flowers… And they are ‘Bad’.. as in ‘Bad Ass’ as just a three piece they certainly punch above their weight in the sound department with both drums/bass playing as if their lives depend on tonight going well, they have a deeper groove than BCB previously, yet they certainly sound & feel ‘Heavier’ it’s a groove thing, you know that whole deeper cut harder edge that puts them in the ‘Smoke’ zone.. They have an impressive EP available & they play a couple of new songs from their forthcoming full LP due later in the year.. A polished, loud, heavy groove-fest. Chatting to the guys post gig shows a desire to move up the ranks and judging on tonight’s show they are on the right road.. Set List: Run, Run, Run, Lions Blood, Who Needs A Soul, Can You Feel It?, Big Country, Thunder Child, City Lights


_ND41330_00010So in a blink of an eye we are witnessing tonight’s headline act Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown… Now there are few times in your life that you may get to see an emerging act that will be the ‘Real Deal’ I have been lucky enough to do just that several times (ironically one of ‘those’ times was 30 years ago in the marquee club, London with a band Tyler is opening for this coming weekend Guns ‘N’ Roses’) The last time I saw anyone ‘This’ good was Doyle Bramhall II & Jeff Buckley.. Yes tonight is special.. Why? You may well ask.. and if you have to ask then you not only don’t know the question but you have never got the answer.. It’s a ‘feeling’ a ‘vibe’ like when you watch early clips of The Stones… and you just ‘know’ that in front of you is the ‘Future Of Rock & Roll’ Yet listening to Tyler it’s more Rock ‘N’ Soul or Blues & Roll as Tyler has been eating up that Nashville Country cooking while drinking Mississippi swamp water in NYC via Detroit.. With the boys from the Thames & the Mersey.. It helps that ‘The Shakedown’ are tighter than a duck arse… They simply lock into that deep blue groove and like a dog with a bone will not and don’t let go..

_ND41329_00009We get tracks from the full Lp & Ep available at the merch desk tonight with no gaps, minimum chat & maximum rock.. it’s however the ‘Potential’ new tracks that ‘Might’ or ‘Might Not’ turn up later in the year on the TB&TS next full LP.. Highlight’s are many but when Tyler just jumps on the boxes front of stage & sings with no microphone, like a blues busker on the street, it’s a moment that will live in the hearts of all here forever… Make no mistake this band has not opened up for AC/DC & G’N’R in massive stadiums due to knowing the right people or luck (They leave tonight for Ireland to open up for Aerosmith) they have got here on hard work, blood, sweat & tears.. Tyler is the ‘Real Deal’ with a combination of style, swagger, desire, fire & the songs to back the whole shebang up..

tbsd headerCatch this band while you can before they hit the ‘Sold Out in Minutes’ stage.. Once seen, never forgotten & that’s the mark of every great act you have ever seen.. get ready to welcome your favourite new band… Chatting to Tyler & the chaps post gig they all just love what they do & prove that nice guys can play rock ‘n’ roll & what they do is live it, love it, play it… this ain’t no part time thing, this is all they want to do for the rest of their lives… On the evidence of tonight they will be… Simply Stunning… Set List: Weak & Weepin’ Criminal Imagination, House Of Fire, Downtown Tonight, Don’t Mind The Blood, Mojo Workin’ Wayside, Easy Target, Ramblin’ Bones, Lipstick, House That Jack Built, Last One Leaving..



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