The Kids Are Alright: The Who

maxresdefaultThe Who performed a secret concert for fan club members on May 25, 1978, at London’s Shepperton Film Studios for their documentary “The Kids Are Alright“. They wanted to get ‘live’ concert footage. The sad part about this ‘concert’ is that it was the last time Keith Moon would ever play with The Who. 

6b0fb5e82c8e5151551d78533fecbdb2Pete Townshend would later write about the Keith that day: ““Keith was in a good mood but bloated and unfit, and he found the repeated takes wearying.” Because Moon’s earphones kept falling off, they taped them to his head with thick black gaffers’ tape. In the months that followed, Moon headed to Malibu, California where he tried to kick his alcohol habit and then started abusing medications to relieve the withdrawal symptoms. On September 6, Moon took 32 tablets of clomethiazole, a sedative meant to help him cope with the withdrawal. The next morning Roger Daltrey, The Who’s lead singer, called Pete Townshend and simply said “He’s done it.” The last dance from The Who. 39 years ago today..



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