Radioplayer Car! DAB! FM! Mobile!


What is Radioplayer Car?

The voice-controlled digital radio upgrade for your car stereo, integrated with your phone..


A small box is professionally installed behind your dashboard, controlled wirelessly from your smartphone (held safely in a dashboard mount). The box contains innovative multiplatform hybrid radio technology, which automatically follows the station you’re listening to, across DAB (free to air), FM (free to air), and Mobile (data costs apply). No more re-tuning.


Features at a glance

Radioplayer Car is a simple upgrade for your car, that does more than just give you a great radio.

Easy to use

Use the free app to set your favourite stations, and switch between them with your voice. Station names are announced over the speakers, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Hundreds of stations

Free-to-air DAB digital radio, FM, and Mobile streaming (uses your data). Automatic re-tuning keeps you listening, so you can concentrate on driving.


The whole system is being constantly improved, via automatic upgrades to the box and the app. You’ll get new features for free, as they’re rolled out.


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