Gathering Revisited: G17: 2009

Time to head up the North Wales coast for the annual Gathering! This years is extra special as it’s G25.. So I though i would take a look back at one of my fave ever gatherings from 2009.. G17.. Jx


This is an event that’s now in it’s 17th year where fans and friends of Mike Peters And The Alarm ‘Gather’ together to celebrate Life, Love, Passion and most of all Music!

So I spend all Friday sorting out ‘stuff’ then I hit the road at 6pm, and that drive up the Welsh coast is daunting as it’s pitch black, cold as ice and the A55 is one of the most notorious road in Britain, so it’s ‘Death Or Glory’ for me. I have the Clash on the stereo and away we go…

I arrive in Llandudno around 8pm, pop into the venue to pick up my weekend pass, then it’s up to the hotel ‘The Grand’ which is perched right beneath the ‘Great Orme’ and juts out over the pier with the sea crashing all around, it’s a fantastic view from the room which looks right out over the waves.


Drop off complete and it’s down to the venue for part one of the weekends live events and for two hours Mike Peters plays a tremendous acoustic set that covers almost 30 years of music, it all end’s in a ‘Blaze Of Glory’ and we head off back to the hotel for some late night drinking and sleeping (Too much of one, not enough of the other!)

I awake at 9am, stick my head into the bath, go grab some breky, ad it’s back down to the venue for 10am, What follows then is an ‘Alarm mastermind’ which is serious stuff and these people know their s**t, we then have 60 minutes n conversation with Mike Peters, I am one of the hosts (I’m the roving microphone’) So the fans ask questions, I ask questions and it’s a great insight into the workings both personal and professional of MP… We finish off and it’s next stop ‘chips’


We sit and watch the sound check, and then I plug in my computer, 7:30pm, doors open up to part two of the weekends live events: The Alarm…

I was asked to be the official DJ for the Saturday night, so we hit the ground running with some Cult, Simple Minds, Neil Young, then Dave Sharp takes to the stage for a half hour acoustic segment, he leaves and I return to the tunes, Ramones, Buzzcocks, A MP remix! The Who and then Whisky In The Jar by Thin Lizzy is the cue for lights, camera, action…


The Alarm hit the ground running, really hi-octane opening salvo of songs which get’s the crowd right off their arse and up, the first part of the set is over in a flash, then the band break, Mike Peters comes back out into the crowd and performs three acoustic songs, brilliant…


The band re-converge and it’s away again for part two, again it flies by, then we get four songs that I certainly have not heard for quite some time, followed by two encores which take the whole thing to three hours of non-stop-to-nowhere-rock…

It’s midnight, and the lights are on, I leave the venue, put my ‘stuff’ into the car, head off to Liverpool where I play a five hour DJ set at The KH, I get back home at 7am, it’s now been a 22hr Saturday, but I tell ya’ it rocked like a mutha, hats off to Mike, James, Craig, Steve for being one of the best live bands you will ever see. Massive Love to Jules who invited me and it was a privilege and honour to take part in G17…

Rock n’ Roll Weekend!’ Let’s do it all again in 2010…



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