Another President! Put The Stones On! Let It Bleed.. ‘Never Mind The Politics’


When JFK got the bullet it was left to Lyndon B. Johnson (63-69) to take America forward in the ‘Aftermath‘ & we played it loud when we rolled into the ‘Rock N Roll Circus‘ at ‘Their Satanic Majesties Request


Then Richard Nixon (69-74) got’Sticky Fingers‘ & came to ‘Exile On Main St


Gerald Ford (74-77) knew ‘Its Only Rock N Roll‘ but got beaten ‘Black & Blue‘ by Jimmy Carter (77-81) loved ‘Some Girls‘ but needed some ‘Emotional Rescue


Ronald Reagan (81-89) got to ‘Tattoo You‘ & was never ‘Undercover‘ doing ‘Dirty Work‘ with a ‘Still LifeGeorge H.W.Bush (89-93) brought ‘Steel Wheels


Bill Clinton (93-2001) got to ‘Jump Back‘ in the ‘Voodoo Lounge‘ and crossed ‘Bridges To Babylon‘ with George W. Bush (01-09) he had ‘Forty Licks‘ and certaily left a ‘Bigger Bang‘ & it really did ‘Shine A Light


Barack Obama (09-17) wasn’t all doom & gloom we got ‘Stones In Exile‘ but made many ‘GRRR‘ as we enter the realm of Donald J. Trump (17-??) wh0 may have split the nation yet the rest of us just sit at home, roll a fat one, break open a tinnie with out uncle Jack D Daniels  leaving us back where we started feeling ‘Blue & Lonesome


So forget politics, what will be, will be!  As always!  Work Hard.. Love Harder.. Play Hardball. Family, Friends, Life Goes On! Death becomes us all.. xx /



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