Black Cat Bones: ‘Down To The River’ EP & Tour!

c62a46_a6498c59bfeb431ebf710d3dd072e21dmv2_d_2048_1665_s_2_jpg_srz_962_782_85_22_0_50_1_20_0Jonnie Hodson – Lead Vocals / Harmonica

Alan Rimmer – Lead Guitar / Rhythm Guitar
Adam Kerbache – Rhythm Guitar / Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Ash Janes – Drums / Backing Vocals
Jamie Hayward – Bass / Backing Vocals //

If you are a lover of that modern classic rock sound that takes all the great stuff from the blues, rock n’ roll, The Stones in the 60’s, Aerosmith & Free in the 70’s, Whitesnake & Thunder in the 80’s, G’n’R in the 90’s and puts th band firmly alongside today’s purveyers including Blackberry Smoke, Rival Sons et all.. This band has one foot firmly in the past and another set right in their own future..

Sure that 1st ep had all the swagger & sway of sleaze, glam, dirty down with the hoe’s boys that you would expect from a band who love drinking, dancing & f*****g, a band that deffo has an ‘Appitite 4 Destruction‘ out on the town with ‘Mama Kin‘ Yet when it comes to moving on then this lot certainly have been downing more misissippi river juice than Jack Daniels of late as they have swapped one ‘River‘ for another.. No more Mersey swamp water for them as they head down the everglades into the dark depths of the delta to drink from Robert Johnsons cup & deal with the devil one last time..

Take a listen to them and decide for yourself & if you like what you hear then they will see you on the road in 2017 in the ‘Boneyard

13319965_10209130828969404_8028956058836733830_n“There’s One Rule For Those At The Top & There’s Another For Those At The Bottom”

Formed in 2013 Black Cat Bones quickly became one of the most exciting bands on the Liverpool music scene, playing The Cavern Club and the O2 Academy for the first time that same year, and not for the last time, they feature as regular support slots for touring bands. Quickly filling headline shows their exciting live performance was soon backed by their debut EP False Promises & Wasted Time, which was given rave reviews from notable colleagues such as The Answer and Bumblefoot, formerly of Guns N Roses, who said “enjoyed your songs on soundcloud, keep it up!”

The band have since started to build up a strong fan base across the UK playing gigs in Manchester, Blackpool, Leeds, Sheffield and Londons famous Tin Pan Alley to name but a few. Being booked to support Nazareth and The Quireboys, Black Cat Bones have also been booked to play festivals around the UK such as Prestons Rock Prest, Boltfest and Bickerstock. With the energy that they bring to the stage, style, passion and rip roaring guitars and vocals Black Cat Bones are surely one to watch and definitely not to be missed live.

The bands debut EP will be re-released along with their 2nd brand new EP “Down To the River” by Broken Road Records.

15178312_10155542556364778_749922863207538479_n2017 Tour dates:

25th-Wigan-Supporting Van Hailen (Saturday)

3rd: Band On The Wall-Manchester-Supporting The Answer (Friday)

10th-Jacaranda-Liverpool-Headline Show (Friday)
11th-Ruby Lounge-Manchester-Supporting Poizon (Saturday)

1st-The Venue-Carlise-Rock Rampage Festival (Saturday)
15th-Rock’it Rock Bar-Tamworth-Headline Show (Saturday)

13th-Snooty Fox-Wakefield-Upload Festival (Saturday)

22nd-Ruby Lounge-Manchester-Supporting Motley Crude (Saturday)
28th–Jacaranda-Liverpool-Headline Show (Friday)

4th-Abingdon Utd FC-OxRox Festival (Friday)
19th-Rock N Bike Festival-Manchester (Saturday)
27th- Lostock Social Club-Rockwich Festival (Sunday)


“I thought hard rock was dead, but it isn’t”. If there was ever a compliment to be given to Black Cat Bones, this is the one to give. They may only be a relatively young band, but They are surely one to watch”. –Liverpool Noise Magazine

”If there was ever a single band to prove that hard rock is still alive and well, it’s Black Cat Bones whose debut EP, “False Promises & Wasted Time”, shows that the hard rock scene of the world still has plenty of talent that isn’t ready to stop playing just yet. Black Cat Bones have started down a really good path that can only lead to more good things as they continue to prove that hard rock is not dead and it is not going anywhere anytime soon.” -Headbanger Reviews


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