Thoughts and music of double J x

When is rock ROCK? buRn baBy buRn!

burndh1When is Rock, ROCK!

Well if u can answer that question then u win the game, when u know that Rock is never Rock but is always ROCK It’s that simple, not complicated, not hard, hell how hard can it be, let me tell u, when u are in love with Rock ‘N’ Roll, 24-7, it’s a breeze, can u feel that wind in your hair…

Since 1955, we have now had over 50 years of Rock, you ain’ nuthin’ but a Hound Dog, via Lennon, Morrison, Bowie, through Sabbath, into Maiden shooting Guns, smelling Roses in an Oasis of Head Radio, Ted’s, Mod’s, Rockers, Glam, Punk, Nu-wave, Metal, Brit-pop, Hip-hop, Spunk, Motown junk, don’t forget Funk, it’s all different, it’s all the f**kin’ same, they were the best years, the worst years, music was better back then, music is better today!

Lemmy is the Living King of Rock; Freddie was the Queen! U2 Rock, REM Rock, Korn Rock, Rod Stewart Rocks, Elton John does not, but it’s cool 2 dig the Crocodile Rock! Hanoi Rocks, I’m living on Chinese Rocks! Metal Rocks, Rock Around The Clock still rocks! Did u go 2 a Rock ‘n’ Roll high school? 1,2,3,4, Hey Ho! Lets Go! Angus Young still in a school uniform! NOW that F**kin’ Rocks! U see, Rock is ROCK when it moves u, ROCK can make smile, make u cry, it can make u dance, sing, do anything, it’s about songs, great songs, that’s all that matters, I love Rock ‘n’ Roll so put another dime in the jukebox baby! 14 year olds love The Stones & 50 year olds who dig Palma Violets, should be the other way round, thank f**k that it isn’t, and hoo f**kin’ ray that it is…

Sound The Alarm, I just want 2 listen to great songs, just cut the chat, cut the crap, wear you’re heart on your sleeve, understand that in the 21st century we need Rock that represents, Paranoid Android saluting Sgt Pepper & Roll With It spinning Ace Of Spades then send Yellow out, Running Down A Dream, with a Tiny Dancer that has a Rebel Yell, don’t be One Little Indian, be the Kaiser Chief, Guess what, I Predict a Riot!  No Fear, No Rules, well only one, Great Toons, Ask yourself the question, Are u standin’ still? Or are u a Rolling Stone, ask Mick & Keith, they had all the Rocks!

I have that station in my head, I have a version of it on my i-pod shuffle, it’s parts The Whistle Test, The Tube, Radio Caroline, The Friday Rock Show, Kenny Everett, John Peel, Howard Stern, Morning Becomes Eclectic! It plays whatever the f**k it wants to, in any order, it mixes NME & Spin with Sounds & Record Mirror, ripping up K! Uncut & Q! It’s up, down, a roller coaster, it’s happy, sad & it’s FUN, it goes backwards 2 go forward, its one thing above all…Bed-Rock!

BestOfBurn_Vol101RETRO NOW!

Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke? Hug the past, Embrace the future, they are 2 parts of the same body, nothing is cool, everything is cool! It’s never crap because of who the artist is, because of a pr sheet, free tickets to the show, IT IS THE SHOW, front row, centre stage, Loud & Proud & standing out from the crowd, one love, one world, one planet, Team Rock!, buRn is about to Rock!  Pick up your balls; Load up your cannon 4 the 21-gun salute!

burn the crow4 THOSE ABOUT 2 ROCK!


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