North Wales Police in Huge Operation Against Suspected Scousers!

Over 400 police officers took part in early morning raids today, on around 40 Welsh properties suspected of containing scousers.

police-raids-on-scousersThey were met at the door where suspicions were raised when asking ‘Who are you and what are you doing?’ was met by a response of ‘I’m Jed lar and i’m just having a bifta and a tinnie waiting round for the footy to start’

We spoke to Chief Constable Bert Lynch, who told us that the operation had been a great success. “In addition to the 16 scousers we recovered, 32 other arrests were made on charges such as sheltering a known scouser and aiding and abetting a scouser.” He explained. “We also arrested a woman for cooking her children a pan of scouse, even though they grew up in Wrexham. We urge all members of the public to be vigilant. Especially as many scousers come over the border during the hours of darkness, but remember to let them spend any English money they may have first before you dob them in as the welsh economy needs all the help it can get and we don’t mind taking their money we just don’t want to take them!” He Added “They should let us know immediately, if they have any suspicions whatsoever, that someone they know might be just a little bit scouse.”

wales netHe also went on to explain that “The Mancs, The Micks, The Jocks, The Brummies’, any Southerners will be dealt with at a later date, in fact anyone not liking a bit of bara brieth, Rugby, Tom Jones. Male Voice Choirs or Daffodils will be required to listen to Bonnie Tyler non stop for a month in a darkened room until they can say Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch wihout any pause. So Turn Around Bright Eyes and as Macca said Get Back To Where You Once Belonged!”

welsh-cakes-700x300Please call the ‘Scouse Hotline’ on 0151-708-scouse and we will give you a Welsh Cake. Thank You


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