The Silence is loud in LvRpL!

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Thursday April 30: TheSilence @ TheKrazyhouse

The Silence are a five-piece pop/rock band hailing from the North East of England. The band quickly found their feet in the pop/rock domain. After touring Europe, Florida and the UK a number of times, it was time to begin writing a debut album, and so the band locked themselves away for seven months, before heading to London to record with Matt O’Grady (You Me At Six, Architects, Deaf Havana).

After releasing standout track Barriers as the first single from the O`Grady EP This Wilderness, guitarists Guy Taylor and Nathan Keightley were brought on board to give the band the dynamic of two guitars and complete the line up.The follow up releases of The Fire and Again and the supporting tours around the UK and Europe were highly successful and 2014 culminated in the release of the EP This Wilderness.

DSC_0035So once again we are back in Liverpool and everything seems the same! We climb the stairs in the cities #1 Alternative venue ‘The Krazyhouse’ to find Furian playing to a sparse yet appreciative crowd, they are a band that have been touted around the city for some time now and are defiantly getting their chops together.

So with a technical hitch and no frills ‘The Silence’ hit the ground running with opening back to back tracks ‘Fools’ & ‘Barriers’ and it’s obvious to anyone with a brain, ears and eyes that has checked the band out and seen their visual clips on You Tube that the band right now have upped their game and gone into another gear. The sound is melodic and tight while being spacious in all the right places. There is an effortless delivery in the songs and the band really do come across as the finished article now ready to move up the league of bands!

DSC_0051Of course most focus goes onto vocalist Livvy, it’s hard to steer your gaze away from her, but like Lzzy (Halestorm) or Pretty Reckless, Lacuna Coil, Paramore etc what you get at the end of the day is a singer that’s more than pleasing to the eye while being really talented and able to deliver great songs. At the end of the day the music and the songs are what stand the test of time Janis, Debbie, Joan, Chrissie all got ‘older’ but their music stands that test and today The Pretenders, Blondie etc all sound as good as they ever did, and they had beautiful female vocalists too. In the modern age it’s easy to look at the surface picture and of course Sex sells! yet without substance it never stays the distance, tonight I saw a band that can run that distance!

Songs on offer tonight such as ‘Tokyo’ ‘Take Your Aim’ ‘The Fire’ ‘Stay Low’ all resonate around my head for the rest of the evening, the band have had music out, check & yet on tonight’s evidence they have a great album in the pipeline that will set them on the next turning in the road to becoming a band that will grace many a bigger stage and shift some copies.

11169824_1121878291172116_4019475897663508820_nThey have quite a few dates on the run after tonight and if you get a chance go and see them, take Livvy a coffee! They deliver great modern rock songs with melody, they look good to boot.. The Silence is indeed Deafening!



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