Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark: Junk Culture

omd junkOrchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark announce deluxe edition of “Junk Culture” out 2nd February

30 years after the release of O.M.D’s Junk Culture comes the remastered 2CD Deluxe Edition. Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys returned to the Virgin Archives to revisit the album. The first disc contains the original album remastered at Abbey Road, overseen by the band. Disc 2 contains a selection of b-sides and alternative mixes that have previously only been available on vinyl. As well as overseeing the remastering, Andy and Paul pulled 3 unreleased demos from the archive and 2 never heard before tracks ’10 To 1’ and ‘All Or Nothing’. Along with extensive sleeve notes by Paul Browne, this Deluxe Edition is the definitive, expanded story of Junk Culture.

omd junk 2Frontman Andy McCluskey explains the origins of the two never heard before tracks included on disc two: “All or Nothing is a complete song featuring Paul Humphreys on wistful triple tracked lead vocals. It is possibly the closest that OMD ever came to a folk song courtesy of Paul’s organic harmonic singing. 10 to 1 is a forerunner of Love and Violence. Musically there is almost nothing that hints at the explosive instrumentation of the final version. There is only part of a chord sequence that sees the accompanying vocal melody climbing precariously to its climatic crescendo in each verse that is retained by the final recording. The majority of the lyrics never survived to be included in the version that was released, only part of the second verse.”




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