Texan Rockers ‘Nothing More’ Get Reckless!

_ND46275Texan quartet NOTHING MORE are set to join Heavens Basement on The Pretty Reckless upcoming November UK tour. They hit the UK for a couple of lo-key club shows before the tour inc EVAC – Lvrpl on Fri 14th Nov…

Now being an Alternative Rock/Metal fan for quite a while it takes quite something to move me, so when I get a call from an old friend/colleague who over the years has introduced me to some of my fave bands, then I take notice…

_ND46322I still remember hearing RATM fuse hip-hop and rock, Korn fuse RATM and bagpipes, SOAD take Korn to the nxt level & Slipknot f**k the whole thing up the arse and re-invent the genre once more… And that first time of seeing all the aforementioned still sits with me! And tonight it happened again as Nothing More take to the stage with a sonic boom and just explode into a sound and a fury that’s impossible to categorise! They are many parts and many colours and they paint the stage with a noise that’s fresh and exciting!

_ND46340The band play like their life depends on it, they give their all and rip a whole new hole in the venue along the way, highlights, there are way to many, in fact the entire set is one big highlight. They are inventive, they are electric but most importantly they are like no one else! A hint of a tint is fine, as they bring a sense of melody once again without being melodic! How does that work? I don’t know, but these songs are as at home on any club dance floor as they are on air! And live they take on a life of their own. This band is tight and means business, they don’t fanny about it’s just hit after hit as the bodies fall to the floor, many of tonight’s crowd were not aware of this band before tonight, they are now and they will want Nothing More. Jj-Nov 14

nothing moreNOTHING MORE’s single ‘This Is The Time (Ballast)’ grabbed the #1 slots at Active Rock Radio and Sirius Radio in the USA recently, not bad for a previously unknown band! The video has over 2.4 Million views and counting:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo5fE-Zl-V4.

Kerrang! called their music “Hard rocking, profoundly compelling and ferociously intelligent,” and warns to “… expect big things from this lot in the very near future.”  Metal Hammer said their debut was “…infectious, abrasive and well… stunning,” whilst the Guardian noted that “with razor-sharp melodies and fiercely intelligent but mischievously cryptic lyrics, Nothing More will be massive in 12 months’ time.” Part Mars Volta-esque prog rock freak out, part schizoid System Of A Down weird-isms, part effortless pop nous, they seamlessly barrel from churning headbang to skyscraping chorus and back again in the blink of an eye.



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