Black Light White Light New LP, Gold Into Dreams

Black Light White Light New Album, Gold Into Dreams, Out Oct. 14th

blwlAllMusic will premiere a new song from Black Light White Light  Titled  “Running,” the track showcases the Danish trio’s gift for blending distorted ‘90s shoegaze rock with jangly West
Coast ‘60s-inspired pop. Such a bohemian mix of musical influences is heard  throughout the group’s new album, Gold Into Dreams, to be released in the U.K.  on 6th October 14 and the US on the 14th October 14.

Rolling in fresh off the waves of their latest single, “High Like A Hurricane”, Black Light White Light is set to return with the second single “Operators” as well as B-Side Running taken from  their
upcoming new album “Gold Into Dreams” to be released on the 6th October in the UK and Europe. Produced by the talents of  Chris “Frenchie” Smith (Jet, The Dandy Warhols) the band has gone on to supporting the likes of internationally renowned band The Telescopes (UK), Crocodiles (US), Crystal Antlers (US) and The Soundtrack Of Our Lives (SE) whilst gaining heavy support from Artrocker, Big Cheese, BELLA UNION’s label owner Simon Raymonde of the Cocteau Twins and Amazing Radio.

Black Light White Light were formed in 2009 by guitarist, singer and composer Martin Ejlertsen. After some overlap and changes in the band’s line-up he is now primarily joined by brothers Adam Winberg (drums) and Tobias Winberg (bass) with a handful of selected musicians joining the band live too now and then. “From the beginning we have liked to evolve and keep taking chances when playing live, taking the songs in new directions,” Ejlersten explains. To ensure the band’s growth on Gold Into Dreams, Ejlersten recruited Grammy-nominated producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith (And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Meat Puppets) to record the album in Copenhagen. “He was with us 100 percent, working and being with the band,” declares Ejlersten. “His enthusiasm towards the whole recording process in the studio and the creation of songs had a great influence on the band.” Smith further helped inspire the band to bring life into previously unused material during the sessions. “When Chris first heard the original demo I did for the song ‘Operators’ ages ago, he thought it was such a strong song and suggested we rework it,” recalls Ejlersten. “That turned out to be a great idea. This time around, we really captured the sound and the spirit I was originally looking for. It’s grand, almost thundering, but still has a fragile touch to it. It’s a very different song than what we started with.”

Songs like “High Like A Hurricane” and “Running” further showcase Black Light White Light’s drive for musical growth. “The song ‘Running’ in particular actually opened the door to new visions for me, deeper thoughts about the type of music I wanted to create. It has so much spirit and attitude in it,” explains Ejlersten. A clear cause for such a revitalized musical input can be traced to Ejlersten’s expanding family life. “Having a child during the whole process of the making of this record really gave me a new perspective on a lot of things,” shares Ejlersten. “That life-changing moment influenced this record a lot. The title track especially touches on this, treasuring these life-changing moments.”

Watch the video for “High Like A Hurricane”: HIGH LIKE A HURRICANE

In conjunction with its physical and digital release, the band will be releasing the album as a “Gold Digger” fuzz guitar pedal. Designed by the band, pedal maker Dave Adkins, LooperStar and M&E, this one of a kind guitar pedal includes a USB socket and cable to download Gold Into Dreams. Black Light White Light will also be releasing a video for “Running” shortly. All versions of Gold Into Dreams can be pre-ordered here:


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