Screamacres 2014 ‘Run To The Hills’

ScreamAcres%20Banner2Deep in the bleak North Wales hillsides during the renovation of Greenacres Animal Park, they have uncovered old unit and buildings that appear to have a dark secret. Since they have disturbed the ground the past has come to haunt them. As darkness falls strange goings on occur the tormented touched souls come to life and roam the park. The bride and her dead groom , the hotel and and nursery are all filled with sorrow and misery! The tunnel of terror claims more victims and not forgetting the lonely clown looking for new victims to satisfy his warped mind.

screamj1Are you up for the challenge ? Remember there is no coming back!

Book you place now. Call: 01244 531147

dark hollow metal Yoshubi Records \ Skywatch Studios will be exclusively teaming up with our good friends Darkhollow and the team at Screamacres 25-31st October this year for a ghoulish Halloween week! Featuring haunting music from our Yoshubi Team, djs, extreme costumes and much more. Plus exclusive photography and video throughout the week long event from Schme-Loco™ productions

yoshubidog flyerFor information Here on facebook: //


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