‘Drive’ Re-Scored By Zane Lowe


Zane_LoweRadio 1 Rescores: Drive, Curated By Zane Lowe (Trailer): http://youtu.be/jWQOw6mrskg

Yesterday Zane Lowe announced that he is to curate a new project that will strike fear (and quite possibly loathing) into the hearts of many; that of re-scoring Nicolas Winding-Refn’s cult classic film, Drive. For obvious reasons, ‘ambitious’ has in a matter of hours become most bloggers’ epithet for Lowe’s project. Drive’s original soundtrack has been heralded as one of the best in recent years, and is a large part of the reason the film has achieved its cult status – Cliff Martinez’s score, along with glittering contributions from College, Kavinsky and Desire, throbs along behind a brooding Gosling so damn-near perfectly that in my mind it’s barely worth watching Drive if you don’t have a half decent set of speakers or headphones at your disposal.

The new soundtrack is set to include brand new tracks from Radio 1’s roster of favourite ‘alternative’ acts, including Foals, SBTRKT, Banks and Chvrches, the latter being a clear choice for this rescoring – frontwoman Lauren Mayberry rightly pointed out yesterday that ‘musically, the kind of music in the original score fits in with what we’re doing’. I find it less easy to imagine how tracks from The 1975 or Bring Me The Horizon might fit so seamlessly into proceedings,  but I’ll happily eat my words if ZL pulls this off. It’s an exciting proposition that’ll include some highly anticipated new tracks from some great artists (Chvrches contribution, ‘Get Away’ is already floating around online to whet your appetites), and a really intriguing concept for sure, but picking Drive as the film to experiment with is a bold move from Radio 1. Director Winding-Refn has given the project his blessing, but will die-hard fans of the OST be convinced?  We’re certainly curious. The newly re-scored film will be shown at 10pm on October 30th on BBC 3.


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