This Note’s 4 U: Midnight @ The Lost & Found!

panasonic radio‘There is no way to sugar coat it, Auntie Pat died last night at Midnight’

These words greeted me on a cloudy September morning,! Patricia was Christine’s sister, so the words above came in a txt from my mother…

The Big C! They say that 1 in 3 people will know someone close to them that loses their life to Cancer! When it comes into your inner circle like anything it changes how you feel and look at life! The thing with Cancer is it’s a never ending road of fight… But we must not give up that fight! Give me Love, Give me Hope, Give me Strength!

Get On The List:

The writing is on the wall. The picture is of a Radio I was given by ‘Aunty Pat’ when I was 10. It was an AM/FM radio that had an external earpiece! I used to listen to R1 before and after school and Radio Luxembourg deep into the night. I discovered so much great music through this little black thing. It took me on a discovery from TOTP to The OGWT. and when my mum married my dad I had a whole raft of music I needed and did discover from Bowie & Glam into Punk & Sham It opened the lid on the 1st of so many ‘life‘ boxes. Safe to say that radio changed and directed my life and I’ll never see ‘Pat‘ again… And that’s my point people… If You Love Someone: Let Them Know? Putting off seeing or speaking to someone: Don’t. Don’t ever let it go… Even if it’s just a one way street… Regrets… I have a few, then again, too few to mention!

Rewind back to Midnight the night before that call and I was in Liverpool, at The Krazyhouse on K1 where at 11:55 pm the Dj looked at me and said, Here’s one 4 u… ‘Hound Dog’ (Elvis) followed by ‘Let’s Twist Again’ (Chubby Checker) Why is this relevant, well because Pat once said to me when that Elvis song came on the radio ‘This song is about your ‘dad’ & her brother (Geoff) would say ‘Yeah, and he ain’t ever caught no rabbit’ Meanwhile ‘Twist’ was one of a handful of “7 singles in the house that would get put on and we would all just dance like fools to, well mostly the kids and the drunks, some things never change! (usually at Christmas).  So as I walked off the stage I looked at my watch and it was 12:01 am. ‘Midnight At The Lost And Found’

Was Elvis telling me that my old Hound Dog was about to twist again with Pat? Who knows, but music follows my life around like that…

Jj: Sept 14: Pat RiP xXx



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