Bloods: Work It Out!

Ghostbusters meets Michel Gondry. This is how Sydney trio Bloods have described the clip for their latest single ‘Penelope’ – which you can check out exclusively below. Lifted from their upcoming debut album Work It Out, the single was recorded by Straight Arrows frontman Owen Penglis, with Rohan Scarr shooting the clip. “This song took us a little while to shape. We started writing it and kind of put it aside for a while to wait for some ideas to come,” says singer MC. “Shortly after we first jammed in it, I found out I was having a baby and the lyrics are a reflection of all the anxiety I was feeling around the thought of bringing someone into a world that can be pretty shitty.” Bloods debut album will be released on 17 October through Tiny Galaxy. Following a tour supporting Veruca Salt, Bloods will play at the Sydney and Brisbane legs of the FL-presented Blurst of Times festival in October.

bloods2Bloods – Penelope:   //

Bloods is Dirk, MC & Sweetie, three kids who grew up across the beaches and suburbs of Sydney. Dirk, the drummer is actually a guitarist, MC, the guitarist is actually a bass player and Sweetie, the bassist is actually a violinist. Once MC convinced Dirk and Sweetie that it would be a good idea to start a punk band, they all had to learn how to play their new assigned instruments in order to begin songwriting. Within a matter of three months, they went from jamming in bedrooms to playing shows and recording. Since their inception in 2011, they have released five singles and shared stages with the likes of Dum Dum Girls (USA), Red Kross (USA), Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Jeff The Brotherhood and a bunch more. Their debut EP ‘Golden Fang’ is out NOW through Shock Records and has received much acclaim from fans and critics since it’s release in August 2013. The band also released a limited edition 4-track 7” EP ‘We Are Bloods’ through US label Whooping Crane Records.

bloods3“That’s what Bloods do so well: the sledgehammer and the handclaps, the bubblegum singalong and the motorbike muscle, the power and the pop.” – Mess & Noise

“It all adds up to that most elusive grail of all music: catharsis, the communal therapy of someone getting you over the sound of a fucking loud guitar. Punks with broken hearts of gold pinned to the leather like so many badges. Who needs ‘Raw Power’ when you’ve got raw emotion?” – The Vine

“There’s still a rawness to them, an openness that runs through their instruments and (thankfully for us) straight onto their records. – Wax Volcanic

“You can’t fight against the urge to blast Bloods ridiculously loud and dance around your room. With their blend of fast paced punk, you just can’t resist.” – Venture Mag (UK)

 “Golden Fang is fifteen minutes of pure, uncut, youthful exuberance.” – Polaroids of Androids

bloods17×7: Marihuzka Cornelius frontwoman of Sydney garage outfit Bloods shares the albums that have shaped her

First Album You Bought: Bananarama – Wow
I was five years old and my Dad decided to take me to the record store for my birthday, so I could chose my very first, very own album. It was both really exciting and really overwhelming. As soon as I saw the album cover for Wow I knew I had to have it. Three heavily made up women, each hugging an almost naked muscle man. Even at five I understood how risqué that was for the time and I knew I couldn’t leave without that album. Dad also threw in a bonus and got me a 12” of Madonna’s ‘La Isla Bonita’. I guess I’ve always been attracted to music by strong women.

First Break-up Album: Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine
I have lots of “break-up” songs, but this was my first real break-up album. Fiona Apple is ridiculously articulate; her lyrics really tap into your deepest emotions making every listen a ridiculously cathartic experience. She has this genuine, unrefined strength and aggression, but also a genuine vulnerability. A bit like a wounded tiger: a little defeated but still capable of tearing your face off if you tread too recklessly. I love this level and honesty in lyrics, just raw emotional. You can tell that most of the songs were written right in that moment of inspiration, when the wound was particularly fresh.

First albums handed down to you: The Beatles – Help and Michael Jackson – Off The Wall
Inherited from my parents’ record collection, these two were the first pop albums I ever listened to, so I became instantly attached to them. My parents only had a handful of English language records in their collection, which they brought with them when they emigrated from Panama. Some of my earliest memories were of me and my sisters trying to come up with dance moves to ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’ and singing the lyrics to ‘Help’ at the top of our lungs. I pretty much taught myself how to speak English by singing along to these albums!

Guilty Pleasure Album: Blink 182 – Dude Ranch et al
I have so much love for pop punk albums of the ‘90s that I use to consider to be guilty pleasures, but that have now somehow become cool again – Green Day’s Dookie, Rancid’s And Out Come the Wolves and Blink-182’s Dude Ranch. All these albums came out at a time when I was particularly impressionable and really ignited my love for the more melodic side of punk. Each has this youthful, slacker energy that was so easy for me to connect with. I still have all three in my CD collection and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Album You Once Loved: Sleater Kinney – The Hot Rock
MY GOD I LOVE THIS ALBUM. I loved it from the very first second I heard it and continue to love it just as much today. The second I put the album on I knew I’d found my favourite band; the interlacing guitars and female lead vocalists, the competing melodies – it was totally different to the straight up pop and punk music I’d been listening to up until then. Songs like ‘Banned From The End Of The World’ and ‘Get Up’ are both fun to dance to, but also really melodically complex and insanely well played. To me, it was punk music with a message, that went beyond just aggression and attitude and I loved them for it.

Favourite Australian Album: Silverchair – Frogstomp
There are so many amazing Australian albums that I love and listen to regularly: Nick Cave Let Love In, The Saints I’m Stranded, Radio Birdman Radios Appear, Regurgitator Unit, You Am I Hourly Daily, The Avalanches Since I Left You and more recently Step Panther and Royal Headache’s albums. But if I’m going to be really honest, I would have to say that Frogstomp by Silverchair is my fave Aussie record. Now, I know how ridiculous that sounds given the list above and also considering it’s probably the least mature of all their albums, but I heard Frogstomp at a time in my life when I thought making music was only something you could do when you were an adult. I remember seeing these three kids who were only a little older than I was at the time and thinking “I reckon I could do that!” and it inspired me to pick up a bass guitar for the very first time in my high school music class and start a band. For that reason, it will always be my favourite Australian album.

Album You Wish You Wrote: Black Sabbath – Paranoid
I’d probably have to say either Nevermind by Nirvana, the “Blue Album” by Weezer or Paranoid by Black Sabbath. I’m a child of the ‘90s so Nevermind and the “Blue Album” are beacons of musical glory in my eyes. Both feature a perfect marriage of energy, honesty, aggression and most importantly, melody! Both are masterpieces of modern rock/pop and if released today, would still hold up.

BUT, if I could dream up the ultimate and most glorious rock album, it would probably sound exactly like Sabbath’s Paranoid. Ozzy’s voice and Tony’s guitar riffs make for pure, unadulterated EPICNESS. The lyrics on Paranoid are often hilarious, but it’s so brilliantly over-the-top that all you can do is bask in its glory and try your best to sing along while fiercely air drumming along to songs like ‘War Pigs’ and ‘Iron Man’. Sabbath are actually the band I hold up as the best rock band in history. I just love the shit out of them.


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