Generation neXt: Anti-Pop: Lomaxland: Midweek Mayhem In Liverpool.


Unplug The Jukebox And Try Another Flavour: Anti-Pop Music!

_ND45236_00009Four of the best NEW bands in the UK line-up to showcase Rock/Metal/Punk/Pronk in the name of ANTIPOP.

Do you remember when you first heard Rock n’ roll? Do You Remember Rock n’ Roll Radio? I’m talking about the kind of Rock n’ Roll that makes you wanna’ sell your soul, the one that makes you move your feet, scream every last breath out of your lungs, Dance every last step so the only thing you can do is lie down and FUCK!

Every generation has it, every generation claims it to be their own, from the hip-shaking from the waist up only teenage delinquent making Elvis in 56′ though Jim and the doors riding on the storm into Johnny, Joey and the Blitzkrieg Bop! Teenagers always just want to go their own way and have something that mum and dad don’t understand, don’t like and are afraid that it will turn Janet & John into Drunken, Drugged  Fuck Up’s… Well have No fear because in 2014 that Rock n’ Roll is ‘Alive & Kicking’ in the City Of Night where Penny Lane will take you down to Strawberry Fields where Nothing is real… You want it, You got it… Ladies & Gentlemen I Give You ‘Anti-Pop’

_ND45107_00003Music to soothe the soul and lube the hole.

‘I Hate This Fucking Song’ The rallying cry of a generation fed up with being spoon fed what the suits and ties think they want, Isn’t that always the way, this is a 3 piece that have the moves, the looks, the songs and the hooks to put you right on your arse, if they can capture what they do live in the studio, they could exit the city via the M62 and change music for the better…

Elmo and the Styx formed in 2011. Since then they have become known for their frenzied live shows and their unique approach to grunge punk. With influences ranging from QOTSA to early 90s video game music, they have crafted a multi-layered riff-based style, more complex than one would expect from a guitar-bass-drum punk trio. Some say they are secretly a prog band, but with the raw, frantic delivery of a post-fix Nirvana. Last year they supported their heroes; legendary punk band NoMeansNo. They are also lucky to count another of their heroes, Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE) as a dedicated fan. The tracks have been called “amazing works of art“. Elmo’s grandad also said “you kids and your rap, you call that music?”

Their music and videos can be found here:

_ND45152_00006Hi we are RIGGOTS. We play anywhere, anytime. Dirty,Heavy,Lo-Fi,Hardcore,2 piece band from Wigan.

I don’t know what the fuck this is… I’m not sure I’m supposed to understand the noise coming out of the speakers, but I feel it… The groove, the jam, the twin senses assault on my ears and eyes and by the time it ends… I’m still not where I’m supposed to be, but I’m glad of the ride…

Uneasy listening is an understatement. Imagine watching the late great James Brown live, whilst Dennis the Menace prangs your head with a heavy spade repeatedly. Imagine if Hall and Oates got possessed by Duncan Ferguson and Diego Maradona. Imagine if Dunc and Diego grew up on a diet of loud as f*ck noise-punk rock, massive heavy stoner riffs, fast hardcore and Kool and the Gang.

_ND45239_00010Real bands don’t need soundchecks… Garage/rock and roll from York UK

I like my Noise with Melody, it’s a fact, anything that can grind and pump but be coming out of a radio is my fave kinda groove, Which is why I like The Franceens. They have elements of many past pleasures in my record collection yet like any band that can move forward they take the really good bits and throw it into the kitchen sink to create a new dish… This is part Modern Lovers, part new wave punk, part Vines and for me the best part is every song is well crafted and delivered with ease, sure their is a modern punk-pop undertone but that’s going to be there when the Day is Green and you have had 182 Blinks of an eye driven into your ears, but it’s no bad thing as they step forward….

The Franceens started in February 2013. The first CD was entitled “Duck and Cover” and was self-recorded and self-released (now available for free download from the Facebook page). In March 2013, the band set out on their first UK tour. A second UK tour followed in July. In September 2013, the band joined the almighty TNSrecords on a 1 album deal after playing a show for the label in Manchester. October 2013 saw the band have their first taste of major radio-time, as their single “Attack” was played on BBC Radio 1 by Mike Davies on The Lockup show. Their debut album “Stepford Smiles” was released in December 2013 by TNS and it received very positive reviews, including a rating of 7 out of 10 in Vive Le Rock, and 7 out of 10 in Big Cheese Magazine. Before the end of 2013, the band joined the roster of European booking agent “Turbo Booking“. In May 2014, The Franceens embarked upon their debut tour of Europe, playing 8 shows in 3 countries. The band has played all sorts of gigs, in all sorts of places. To this day, they continue to gig relentlessly up and down the country. The Franceens fight for DIY music and believe in supporting your local live music scene, whilst also trying to discover and support new bands from further afield.

Band interests: Playing cards. FInding music in hidden places. Doing last minute gigs. Gigs. Touring. Vinyl hunting whilst on tour. Sleeping in Travelodges. Turning the coffee and tea holders upside down in Travelodges. Post-gig Big Bang Theory/TOTP2 in Travelodges with Wispa chocolate bars and Cadbury’s hot chocolate. Filming Miles whilst he sleeps/gets dressed/urinates. Pizza hunting at stupid o’clock in the morning. Service stations, their staff members and bumping into fellow bands whilst there. Playing at new venues. Playing a gig every week. Stickers for the van. CD’s for the van. Seaside gigs. Avoiding sound checks. Artists we also like: The Cortinas, The Hives, The Computers, New Bomb Turks, The Sonics, GG Allin, Buddy Holly, Electric Eel Shock, The Mummies, Zodiac Killers.

_ND45259_00011Super Fast Girlie Show

After many mutations here they are in their evolutionary splendour. Here to rock your roll and fill your holes with their watertight reverberances. Don’t be afraid it’s just the Super Fast Girlie Show, they love you long time.

I don’t know where to start with SFGS! What they do is unique! It feels like we are in CBGB’s NYC on the Westway, LDN with Janie Jones, In Seattle with Kurt while the holy ghost of Hamburg and Black Leather Winkle Pickers kick us in the teeth in a Mersey Paradise! This band is not only putting a new twist on an old tail… They don’t want a page in the rock history book,, They want to create their own fucking chapter! Can they? Will they? Stay tuned folks because this band are three men, two bass guitars, two vocals and one who gives a shit attitude, but not in a lets fight way, in a lets drink, have a good time and fuck kinda’ way… They have Rock, they have Punk, They have Jazz hands! They have the room bouncing and dancing and for that moment in time forgetting all their troubles and woes and getting lost in music, and that’s my point… That’s what music is supposed to do, take you to a place where nobody knows, it’s a high, and the ride ain’t nothing until you come out the other side! In a blink of an eye it’s done, they are gone but Super Fast Girlie Show live on! Nights like tonight and bands like this are getting rare by the weekend… See you on the road…

‘All Hooves And Cucumber’ 10trk 7″ available now – Comes with free immediate download – Order now from Antipop Records.





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