Mr Big: …The Stories We Could Tell

mrbigstoriesHard rock’s original supergroup, Mr. Big are back with a vengeance with their new album …The Stories We Could Tell. The band’s eighth studio album is slated for release in the UK on Monday September 29th, followed by North American release on  September 30th via Frontiers Music Srl. “This new album rocks,” says Paul Gilbert. “I love playing guitar, singing, and writing with Eric, Billy, and Pat. And after 25 years, I’m proud that we can make an album that is melodic, powerful, interesting, groovy, and emotional. We wrote songs individually and collectively on this new record,” says Eric Martin. “To me this is the album that we’ve threatened to make decades ago. A classic, groovin’, blues-rock record with the spirit and spark of our rock and soul idols from the 70’s. Hells to the yeah it’s a Mr. Big album complete with all the trimmings. I think whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or just starting, you’re going to dig where we are coming from and where we’ve been.” Download album artwork and the new official Mr. Big band photo HERE.

The original line-up comprised of Eric Martin (vocals), Paul Gilbert (guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass) and Pat Torpey ( drums), are back with some of their most powerful material to date. The new album is the follow-up to the 2011 release “What If,” that marked the band’s return to their signature hard rock sound. The new album is available for pre-order via Amazon UK. Mr. Big kick off their European tour on Friday October 17th at London’s Koko. Visit the official Mr. Big website to view all their 2014 tour dates.

The band recently announced that drummer Pat Torpey has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The diagnosis has left him unable to perform his normal drumming duties on the band’s upcoming World Tour. He did complete all of the drumming on the upcoming album, but unfortunately touring will be too difficult for him at the present time. The band have confirmed Matt Starr as drummer Pat Torpey’s replacement on their upcoming 2014 World Tour. Starr, currently Ace Frehley’s drummer, will sit in for Torpey. Mr Big expects Torpey to jump on the drums on suitable live songs as well as participating in the group’s acoustic set.

mr-bAlbum Track Listing: 1) Gotta Love The Ride 2) I Forget To Breathe 3) Fragile 4) Satisfied 5) The Man Who Has Everything 6) The Monster In Me 7) What If We Were New? 8) East/West 9) The Light Of Day 10) Just Let Your Heart Decide 11) It’s Always About That Girl 12) Cinderella Smile 13) The Stories We Could Tell 14) Addicted To That Rush (Live – Exclusive Bonus Track)


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