Heart Trips ‘Carla’ Brand New Lverpool

New music is one thing, but “Heart Trips” is the very first thing to come from new Liverpool four-piece Carla. And for ones so young and fresh, it has the kind of engaging, melodic feel that many of their more experienced contemporaries have been searching for.



Heart Trips” is straight up, guitar and synth-infused pop music, delivered with a style and charm that leads you to believe they might not be unknowns for too much longer. The song starts out with stabbing guitar chords before making way for a bubbling synth accompaniment, the band swaggering through summery indie rock. As it develops, the guitar converses with the soul vocal: its muted funk stylings projecting an 80s sound not dissimilar to Talk Talk. Best of all though is the soulful vocal, which has the power to make, well, your heart trip, I suppose.



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