Dorothy: We Are Not In Kansas Anymore!

DOROTHY! a new band from Los Angeles named after their lead singer, Dorothy Martin are a scuzzy blast of fresh air in garage rock right now, and not a minute too late. As the banshee screams ‘Nothin’ good comes after midnight’,

dorothy3Watch the video & turn it up loud:

There is a retro hint of Janis & Patti just bubbling under the surface, this feels old but sounds brand new, like all the best things you ever discover that seems to come at you like your fave pair of sneakers but they put a fresh spring in your step, rock n’ roll re-invention is the life blood of us all and Dorothy just bit my neck, and I liked it…

dorothy1It feels good to know that raw power, sex and whiskey is back en vogue. There’s a touch of The Kills / Blood Red Shoes and a touch of White Stripes here; it’s balls-out, Sunset Strip-worthy music, all fur coat, no knickers, red lipstick and cigarette smoke. It’s the classic rock combination of Dorothy Martin conjuring as lead vocalist, Mark Jackson on guitar, Eliot Lorango on bass, and Zac Morris on drums making an old blues sound that rapidly infers a desire to get wasted and do bad things. Which is pretty much what we’ve been missing this year from rock in general. Along with acts like Royal Blood, SLAVES and Fat White Family, DOROTHY are kicking at screaming their way back into the limelight.




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