The Clox: My New Fave Band

NYC based indie rockers The Clox are promoting their new landmark single, ‘Jules Verne’ fresh from it’s “Record of the Week” slot on Pete Mitchell’s Saturday Social show on Absolute Radio.

Get it here:

Watch it:

clox artworks-000075450699-sxr7oc-t500x500Well-entrenched within the genre, the radio-friendly ‘Jules Verne’ exhibits well-shined guitar orientated production. However, the most remarkable element is the standout vocal of Denis Orynbekov – who poses an entirely unique sound, unlike any other in the business. ‘Jules Verne’ is out now. They just appeared on Fuse TV in America:

And the band – who are made of Denis Orynbekov (guitar and vocals), Ruslan Baimurzin (drums) and Igor Reznik (bass) – have been well received in the UK. After forming in 2009 with just Denis and Ruslan, the band later welcomed Igor and penned two albums, ‘Ready to Starve’ in 2010 and ‘Civilian’, as well as the ‘Jules Verne EP’ in 2012. With an impressive back catalogue of events, The Clox have a lot of buzz about them – US beachwear retailer Caribbean Joe pioneered their track ‘Faces’ in a marketing campaign, alongside massive artists like Kings of Leon and Coldplay. And the band are regularly topping fan-fuelled charts on the Outstage website – who are an affiliate of MTV. As well as that, they have graced radio waves on MTV, Oxygen Channel and PBS across the globe. International modelling agencies Ford and Trump Model Management got on board with the band’s work, heralding a remarkable licensing deal with the band’s musical repertoire. New York’s DELI Magazine have declared The Clox as one of NYC’s best bands of 2012. Music media outlets have pushed their videos for ‘Jules Verne’ and ‘Already Done’ to the wider public, gathering the group a mass of fans. Gaining a great deal of press coverage and having took to the stage on some of the city’s most prestigious venues, the band, who are originally from Kazakhstan – have made a name for themselves across NYC. Baeblemusic, DJ Top Twenty, WoellJ’s Music Playlist, KIT21, The Indie Browser, Joey Voodoo Lifestyle, Dads Big Plan, Cap’n Carrot, and many more played their songs alongside massive artists such as Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Oasis, Magnetic Fields, and Feist. They’re now focusing on spreading their success abroad – and critics around the UK and Europe are excited.

DELI Magazine wrote: “Hailing from Kazakhstan, the group has set up shop here in Manhattan to show us all how a lot of this heavy rock business is supposed to be done. “Listen to the anthem ‘Jules Verne’ off their latest EP of the same name, and tell me these guys don’t know how to do it. Their unique cross between bands like INXS and Oasis does what this band is good at: sounding familiar and exotic at the same time. The rest of the EP follows this formula closely, leaving almost no stone unturned in carving out a large sound that just might work anywhere in the world.” They added: ““The Clox can make what feels like a solid three minute guitar pop jam feel like an epic journey through the jungles of distorted guitar hooks [Listen to epic album opener, ‘Civilian’] and back out again to solid groove funkiness. The band attaches an existential dread of all things weird and dangerous to solid jazz funk chops that make it all fun.”

The Voice of New Music in Scotland, Jim Gellatly has called their work “beautiful noise”.

Irish music mag U and I Magazine said: “Civilian is an absolute gem of an album to listen to, it must be said.”

“A band that have a very compact sound that is well worked on. They bring some synth into proceedings, but it is added in the right places and when it meets the guitar the results are truly spectacular. The rhythm is held in check and what you get as the end result is something that gels really well on account of the effort put in,” Twenty1Zero Media from Dublin, Ireland commented.

Song / Video links: Already Done: // Noise: // Civilian: // // //


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