Palaye Royale: The ‘Best’ New Band You Never Heard!

pay5MTV’s fifth-annual Musical March Madness tipped off on Monday (March 17), with 64 bands beginning a mythic quest for total tournament supremacy … and one very toned trophy. And while they’re newcomers to #MMM, Palaye Royale aren’t shying away from the spotlight; in fact, they’re blasting VW in their first-round matchup, and right now, look like locks to advance to round two, where they’d take on either #8 the 1975 or #9 Coldplay, two British bands currently locked in a back-and-forth battle that’s too close to call.

Palaye Royale an unsigned fashion-art rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada. The band formed in 2008 under another name and in 2011 the partnership of frontman Remington Leith, guitarist & organist Sebastian Danzig, and drummer Emerson Barrett formed Palaye Royale. The band in little over a year has independently released two singles and a six song extended-play. Palaye Royale has released two self-directed/produced/edited music videos for their singles, “Morning Light” & “Get Higher”. As well, Palaye Royale has released six art-films which compliment each track from the debut extended-play, “The Ends Beginning”. To date Palaye Royale has released twenty-two ‘No. Series’ episodes which is a behind the scenes look into the “day in the life” of the band. Palaye Royale has performed numerous successful full capacity shows in California and New York City catching the eyes of the music, fashion and branding industry. Palaye Royale is featured alongside their single, “Get Higher” in the 2014 worldwide commercial for Samsung Galaxy Note.

pay4Palaye Royale are set apart by their artistry & integrity. They are “indie” in every sense of the word; completely “hands-on” from their words & musical arrangements as well as directing & producing their own music videos, to handling their own social media. The band’s look, feel and authentic style makes them stand out while they remain true and pure to their music. Palaye Royale’s musical output is primarily based around the rock genre, with some classical and psychedelic influences.

Palaye Royale’s debut single ’Morning Light’ produced by The Matrix at Henson Studios, was independently released with a music video on March 07, 2012 which received over 20,000,000+ views on YouTube that trended for over three weeks which was also featured in an exclusive interview band segment on German television network RTL. Watch now:

Palaye Royale independently released their second single, produced by David Bendeth at the House of Loud Studios, with the music video of ‘Get Higher’ on May 23, 2013 has commanded 800,000+ views on YouTube. Watch now:

pay1Much like Panic! at The Disco and Arctic Monkeys, the band gained a substantial fan base online from Europe and the USA before the release of their first EP, ‘The Ends Beginning’, dropped July 1st, 2013 was co-produced by Palaye Royale & Mark Needham at The Ballroom Studios – Now available on iTunes  . The ’Ballroom Series’ was released on YouTube to give a behind the scenes look into the making of the EP. Since the release of the extended-play, Palaye Royale has released six art films on YouTube to compliment each track from the EP. The band also releases bi-weekly ‘day in a life’ episodes called ‘No. Series’ which keeps their fans worldwide updated and engaged on twitter.

Since July 2013, Palaye Royale has been playing a lot of shows in California at the world famous Viper Room & The Roxy Theatre on the sunset strip. In Late August 2013 the band launched their Ecommerce merchandise webstore that sells limited edition design tee-shirts, the bands signed limited edition physical singles, cd’s & dvds and exclusive vip events. The band fans around the world are known as ‘The Soldiers of the Royal Council’.

Palaye Royale is featured in the Samsung Galaxy Note commercial overseas where it can be seen on the digital teletrons at Piccadilly Circus in London, Madrid, Singapore. The Samsung Galaxy Note commercial spot was just recently launched at the 2014 International CES show in Las Vegas on the digital screens on January 07, 2014, the 2014 commercial has been launched online and be seen overseas on television broadcasts. Watch now:

Palaye Royale was personally asked by Billy Morrison to be the band to open for Camp Freddy’s sold out show at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, California on December 21, 2013. The band finished out their year by playing a private event at The Soho House in New York City. The trip turned into a two part documentary entitled, ‘New York Times’. Lots of announcements & exciting creative things up in coming for Palaye Royale in 2014 –Stay Tuned!

pay2Music Junkie Press says; ‘Palaye Royale is truly one of the best Indie Rock Bands you have to hear!’

Raine Magazine says; ‘Palaye Royale Rock & Roll is Reborn’

German Magazine says; ‘Palaye Royale is in the footsteps of the Rolling Stones’

Fans say; ‘Palaye Royale your music, you are the cure for all My Chemical Romance fans broken hearts’


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