Pledgemusic: CD Baby + Disc Makers = Game Changer!

PledgeMusic, the leading direct-to-fan company has announced a strategic partnership with CD Baby, the world’s largest digital distributor and retailer of independent music and Disc Makers, the leading independent music disc project manufacturer in the U.S.

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Under the arrangement artists and bands using PledgeMusic’s platform will have access to the services offered and preferred pricing for both CD Baby and Disc Makers’ state-of-the-art CD manufacture and replication, packaging, design and digital distribution when releasing their music. Clients of CD Baby and Disc Makers will have access and guidance on how to best utilize PledgeMusic to grow their careers and provide a deeper engagement with their fans. Using PledgeMusic, artists and bands can increase their unit sales, chart position and give their fans a unique chance to be a part of the record-making experience. Both companies are dedicated to providing artists ways to maximize revenue and are redefining the way music is consumed by fans.

Benji Rogers, Founder and President of PledgeMusic commented: “Having worked with both CD Baby and Disc Makers previously on many occasions as an artist and now through PledgeMusic I can truly say that their team and technology is best in class. We are excited indeed to bring our combined services to our amazing artists.”“We’re a company full of musicians, so we KNOW how important it is to reliably hit release dates,” said Tony van Veen, Disc Makers’ CEO. “By working directly with PledgeMusic and coordinating closely with artists, we’ll make the disc manufacturing process much simpler, and take away any worries of a missed release date.”

pledgemusic_1PledgeMusic is the world’s leading online, direct-to-fan music platform, offering artists a unique way to engage their fans in the music making experience whilst interacting with PledgeMusic’s global community of music fans. Since its inception in 2009, PledgeMusic has worked with artists and labels to deliver high impact campaigns that provide exclusive engagement, incentives and content for music fans as well as new commercial benefits and revenue streams for artists and music labels. PledgeMusic’s platform has generated chart topping albums worldwide. Successful campaigns have included Slash, The Libertines, Bring Me The Horizon, Ginger Wildheart, Ben Folds Five, Killing Joke, Emmy The Great and Rachel Yamagata amongst others.

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