‘Live From The Distillery’ New Online Music Show!

lftd1London based Distiller Music Group has announced the launch of an online TV series, which aims to provide a showcase for developing talent alongside established artists.

‘Live From The Distillery’ combines live performance and exclusive, indepth interviews from The Distillery, the Distiller Music Group’s own purpose built studio in the countryside near Bath. Initially available exclusively via YouTube, there are plans for ‘Live From the Distillery’ to broadcast via terrestrial or satellite channels moving forward. This new initiative has been launched in partnership with War Child, the charity for children affected by war, who will receive both awareness raising opportunities and a share of any revenue generated by either online views or other broadcasting rights. ‘Live From The Distillery’ will launch with performances/interviews from among others: Passenger, Luke Sital-Singh, Nick Mulvey, We Were Evergreen, Funeral For A Friend, The Ramona Flowers and Ethan Johns with more artists scheduled to participate in the near future.

Rob Anderson, Label Manager at Distiller Music Group and executive producer behind the series said, “This new initiative has been driven primarily by the lack of music television opportunities for artists in the UK. “We are frustrated that the major broadcasters have invested so little in music TV in recent times that we’re aiming to resolve the problem ourselves. We’re fortunate to have a great studio and an in house team of creative so we have developed ‘Live From The Distillery’… “The concept is very simple no presenters, no distractions, just the artists playing and talking about their music in an inspiring location. We are also very proud to be working alongside War Child as our partner in this project. We have always admired the incredible work they do in changing the lives of innocent victims of war and are excited to be adding to their longstanding history within the music industry.”

Ben Knowles, Director of Music and Fundraising at War Child said, “War Child has been fortunate to work with some of Britain’s very best and most creative musical talents, many of whom would not exist were it not for the pioneering spirit of independent labels and the visionary individuals behind them. The likes of Coldplay, Oasis, New Order and The Prodigy. “That’s why War Child are delighted to be working with Distiller Records and the exciting roster of artists they are developing. Through partnerships like this we prove that the best music changes lives, for music fans and for the innocent victims of war.”

lftd2http://livefromthedistillery.com/ // https://www.facebook.com/livefromthedistillery


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