Breaking Badfinger: It’s all over now “Baby Blue”

badfinger-baby-blue-finale-amcBreaking Badfinger: ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale Revives Tragic U.K. Rock Group… It’s all over now except for “Baby Blue”

Timeless… The Musical Legacy features 16 tracks from British rock band Badfinger, label mates of The Beatles on Apple Records in the 1960’s. This best-of compilation features worldwide hits including ‘Come And Get It’ which was written and co-produced by Paul McCartney. This new release combines the very best of their catalogue with fourteen recently remastered tracks from 2010, together with two licensed Warner Music tracks – all brought together on one set for the first ever time. The timing of this release coincides with the DVD/Blu-ray release of the final series of the award winning TV series Breaking Bad. The track ‘Baby Blue’ (taken from the 1971 album Straight Up) was used in the closing scene of the final episode of the hit series – which recently launched the track into the top 20 on iTunes the week it aired.

PrintTracklist: 1. Day After Day 2. Without You 3. Rock Of All Ages 4. Dear Angie 5. Come And Get It 6. Maybe Tomorrow 7. No Matter What 8. Baby Blue (U.S. Single mix) 9. Believe Me 10. Name Of The Game 11. I’ll Be The One 12. Apple Of My Eye 13. Suitcase 14. Timeless 15. Dennis 16. Love Is Gonna Come At Last

Breaking Bad, as you know if you’ve ever so much as glanced at social media, is over. There’s a risk of spoilage ahead, so choose to read on accordingly, but the AMC TV juggernaut about Walter White ended, brilliantly, with music from another set of tragic geniuses. “Baby Blue,” by ’60s-cooked British rockers Badfinger, aired over the closing scene where — well, maybe you didn’t notice that spoiler alert above, so we’ll keep mum for a second. Badfinger signed to the Beatles’ Apple Records in 1968, and from 1970 to 1971 they had a handful of hits in a jangling, melodic, Paul McCartney-ish style. One, “Come and Get It,” was written by McCartney himself (you can hear his demo in the Beatles’ Anthology set). “No Matter What,” “Day After Day,” and “Baby Blue” soon followed onto the charts.

Badfinger’s Pete Ham and Tom Evans also wrote “Without You,” a chart-topping hit for Harry Nilsson: (BB generation may know Mariah Carey’s cover version)

But Badfinger, for all their obvious gifts, also suffered a doomed fate that must’ve resonated with Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan. After the collapse of Apple Records and various financial woes, Ham hung himself in 1975, leaving a note castigating the band’s manager. He was just a few days short of his 28th birthday. Evans hung himself in 1983.

Ham’s lyrics, it could be said, are almost a little too on the nose for Walt’s farewell: “I guess I got what I deserved,” “the special love I have you for / my baby blue.” But that’s in keeping with the show’s previous use of Tommy James and the Shondells’ “Crystal Blue Persuasion,” and aside from the White family baby’s amazing ability to nap almost constantly, the occasional bit of heavy-handed imagery was perhaps the show’s dominant flaw, if any (when the camera lingers on a knife, it will be used). But Badfinger’s tragic real-life story lends a fitting undercurrent of darkness to the conclusion of Gilligan’s American tragedy.

Breaking-Bad-Walter-WhiteA perfect way to leave Breaking Bad fans everywhere feeling blue their show is done. Watch ‘Baby Blue’ from 1972 here:

* Pete Ham – vocals, guitar, keyboards * Tom Evans – vocals, bass, guitar * Joey Molland – vocals, guitar, piano * Mike Gibbins – vocals, drums, percussion (Rob Stawinski is sitting in for Mike in this video) Badfinger finished recording its third album Straight Up with Geoff Emerick as producer; however the album was rejected by Apple. George Harrison then took over as producer in spring of 1971. Harrison later pulled out of the project due to his Bangladesh commitments and the album was then completed by Todd Rundgren. “Straight Up” was released in the U.S. in December 1971 and spawned two successful singles: “Day After Day” (Billboard #4) and “Baby Blue” (#14). The album reached #31. It included some uncredited special guest appearances from George Harrison, Leon Russell and Klaus Voormann.

bad joeyBadfinger Legend Joey Molland To Release Highly Anticipated New Solo Album ‘Return To Memphis’

Much to the excitement of music fans worldwide, Joey Molland, best known for his work with the now legendary English band Badfinger, will be releasing his highly anticipated 4th solo album ‘Return To Memphis’ on December 2, 2013 on UK’s Gonzo Multimedia! The new CD features 10 new Molland compositions recorded at the world famous ‘Royal Studios’ in Memphis. which was produced by Carl ‘Blue’ Wise. Says Joey, “I was raised on a diet of Memphis music, and it was a thrill for me to record there…. I also made a lot of friends. The album is quite a departure for me and the sound is very different, the treatment of the songs, the song content, and Carl’s production and Memphis roots all make for a much simpler approach. I wrote all the songs and they have a lot of meaning to me…I know everybody gets their own feelings out of songs, but you know, I think the songs talk about relevant things and I look forward to peoples’ reaction to them. There are no real Badfinger power chords or anything like that. No real jamming guitars…well…maybe a little bit, and I do play some slide on it… Carl had four girls come in to sing ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ and harmonies which was great, and I played with a three-piece Memphis rhythm section. So it’s a really simple sounding record and I’m just hoping that people will like it.”

Originally from Liverpool, Joey now resides in the US, where he continues to perform with Joey Molland’s Badfinger. Along with Joey on guitar and vocals, the current lineup features Mark Healey (bass/vocals), Steve Wozny (keyboards/vocals), Mike Ricciardi (drums). For updated tour information check Joey Molland’s official Facebook page at Joey’s new CD comes hot on the heels of the major buzz surrounding the Badfinger track “Baby Blue” being played during the finale of A&E’s hit TV series ‘Breaking Bad’. The song became the number one download in the world the week of the final episode!

To purchase Joey Molland ‘Return To Memphis’ CD:

For more information: //


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