The Disparrows: Making Others Rich

TheDisparrows1New full-length “Making Others Rich” out Now (Self-Released)

Album produced by Grammy Award winner Ken Wallace Edited and mastered by Anthony Focx (Aerosmith, Foreigner, Santana)

For fans of Pearl Jam, The Black Keys, Bob Seger, Dire Straits

Delivering a blend of existential heart-driven rock from their souls to the world, The Disparrows continue to impress with their sophomore album, “Making Others Rich.” The defining sound of core members Daniel Weber (lead vocals, guitar), Stephen Tecci (bass, vocals) and Grant Loosvelt (keyboards, vocals) is richly inspired by a vast musical spectrum, and rooted in the emotions and energy of life itself. Formed in 2010, the Los Angeles-based group takes a DIY approach to all aspects of the band, symbolizing the true nature of the American dream. Their self-titled debut, released in February 2011, introduced The Disparrows as a tight cohesive unit with each member’s personal style and musical talents complimented throughout. This harmony is exemplified in the band’s live performances, and brilliantly showcased in their latest effort. Exuding dynamic blues-influenced rock that can not only be heard, but also felt, The Disparrows represent one of life’s key quests: Working hard to earn what you get, and fighting harder to keep it.

TheDisparrowsCoverMaking Others Rich: 1. Detroit City 2. All the Same 3. Cry to Me 4. Blackbird 5. I’ll Take the Roses 6. Come the Morning Time 7. High Tonight 8. Drive Me Home 9. Running After You 10. Lose It All 11. A Little Bit Longer //

Listen. Love. Feel.


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