Google Glass: Adding Music, Young Guru Helps Out

yg3Google Glass Adding Music, Young Guru Helps Out

Like so many mobile companies/devices, Google Glass is turning to music to encourage early adopters and produce an extra sense of cool for their product. In the next few weeks Google will be integrating Google Play All Access into Google Glass. That’s almost a no brainer for Google but in reminders of the history of marketing mobile devices and services, which has often used hip hop to get early adoption among actual consumers, they’ve also put out a video of Young Guru soaking in the sights and sounds of LA before hitting the studio.

While most of us are likely to first check out a competitors product, i.e. in the future when cheap Google Glass knockoffs become available, Google Glass is currently defining the augmented-reality eyewear space. To maintain that position and to continue the ongoing process of knitting together their services, Google is adding Google Play All Access and Sound Search to the mix. Not only that, in the next few weeks Google will be adding specially constructed $85 earbuds to Google Glass: “Subscribers to Google’s music streaming service will be able to call up entire artist discographies and craft new playlists with only voice controls. Sound Search operates like Shazam and will identify songs in the environment. The earbuds were engineered at Google Labs.”

yg1Explorer Story: Young Guru [through Google Glass]

The above video features Young Guru in action. It seems more realistic than early Google Glass promo videos and it’s also fun to see what Young Guru’s up to. But some musicians haven’t been waiting for such news. They’re already using it according to Ed Sanders, Director of Marketing for Google Glass: “There’s a professor at Cornell using it to teach people to conduct, Young Guru is using it to sample songs and build tracks, and Nicky Romero used it at Tomorrow World to do a hands-free set…Different people have different things they love, and Glass will be an interesting platform to build more of what they love into their daily lives. Music is just one component.”

yg2SimpleWing is a proejct of Silica Labs, who’ve decided to bring us the future a bit earlier than expected.

If you’re creating and distributing great content every day, then you’re just minutes away from creating a Google Glass app of your own. SimpleWing recently launched to allow easy app creation using posts by email or an RSS feed. It’s a simple process. There’s a free option. So read this post and go forth into the future!  The whole process appears very simple with a short application form and a brief faq all on one page. To get there you simply login in from the homepage using a Gmail account and giving some permissions that don’t seem overly intrusive. Then you’re ready to fill out the form and wait a few days for confirmation. SimpleWing is inviting everybody from magazines to bloggers. If you’re not producing daily content, this may not be a good fit, but an active music or record label blog with news, audio and video would probably be ideal.

Hamich McKenzie has a bit more info: “[SimpleWing] takes RSS feeds and automatically converts them into news ‘cards’ that live on the platform. When a Glass user is flicking through the cards by swiping the frame above his right temple, he can stop on a particular story (usually displayed as a headline overlaid on a picture) and have it read out loud. Or, if it’s just pictures, he can swipe through them at will.


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