Pocket Satellite “8-BIT ME” E.P.


The award winning “Folk-Glock” band POCKET SATELLITE release their third E.P entitled ‘’8-BIT ME’’ available on C.D and digital download format on the 18th November. Already a familiar name in the festival circuit, the band have regularly shared the stage with artists such as Lucy Rose, Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran touring Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and other countries in Europe; not to mention a showcase at the famous Molotow in Hamburg. POCKET SATELLITE have already gained support on BBC Radio 6 introducing, a BBC 2 television show called ‘The Cut’ and have worked with producers such as Kevin Paul at EMI studios; well known for producing names such as Jack White, David Bowie, Depeche Mode and Adele.

Sheffield’s quintet POCKET SATELLITE consists of Maya Zosmer, Carl Haag, Richard Falk and siblings Ruth and Tom Dixon, fifteen instruments and their unique trademark red balloons, making their mark at all of their live shows. Since self producing and releasing two previous EPs, ‘’Toy Train’’ and ‘’Paper Aviator’’, the band have been busy touring across Europe to sell out shows whilst immersing themselves in the studio, resulting in their finest EP release to date, ‘’8-BIT ME’’. Referring to themselves as “Folk-Glock”, both for their instrumentation and the simplistic, relaxed sound that a “glock” often represents, ‘’8-BIT ME’’ is a unique musical journey, combining evolving characteristics from their previous works portraying a diverse assortment of harmonious pieces. From the gentle acoustics in “This Town” that opens the E.P, to the upbeat style of “Three Trees”, the slow melodic ballad of ‘‘The Island’’ and the alluring guitar style in “Pixelated Views”, POCKET SATELLITE’s diversity effortlessly shines through. Maya and Carl’s brilliant melodies and harmonies personify a large part of their signature sound, layered to an almost celestial quality, bringing forth the most exquisite feelings of innocence, longing, regret, hope and vulnerability resembling the prowess of Karen Carpenter and Joni Mitchell. POCKET SATELLITE’s vast influences are displayed clearly throughout “8-BIT ME” pronouncing echoes of Lucy Rose, Slow Club, Broadcast 2000 and Bombay Bicycle Club. In all, ‘’8-BIT ME’’ is awash with controlled harmonies, crescendos and percussive guitar notes, along with great musicianship and fantastic production. The more you immerse yourself in these songs the more one appreciates each element individually.

A record release launch party celebrating the release of ‘’8-BIT ME’’ was organised at the Camden Barfly in London on the 9th November alongside numerous other U.K performances.

ps2Watch this space for impending updates as POCKET SATELLITE’s musical journey is set for nationwide success.

‘Pocket Satellite are a complete contrast to what’s gone before. Their fey indie folk-glock exudes a charm that is highly seductive’’ Hot Press Magazine

‘’Lingering, luscious new-folk’’ The Ruckus

‘’Maya and Carl’s dreamy vocals merge into a hauntingly beautiful resonance’’ Counterfeit Magazine

‘’This class act has it all covered; beautiful yet unique vocals and a tight groove’’ OurStage.com

WEBSITE: www.pocketsatellite.co.uk

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/pocketsatellite

TWITTER: www.twitter.com/pocketsatellite

SOUNDCLOUD: www.soundcloud.com/pocketsatellite


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