Little Ghosts Release Debut Ep “Carnivore”


Little Ghosts – Carnivore:

”I love this, it’s so clean sounding yet so dirty thinkin’ makes me smoke marlboro’s and do some jack drinkin’… it’s quite an infectious groove that makes you revisit time and time again xxx” 5/5 : Jj/Darkhollow

LITTLE GHOSTS released their debut four track E.P entitled ‘CARNIVORE’ on the 11th November 2013 as an exclusive free download. The creation of the E.P was an eighteen-month musical journey, touching on the life experiences of crazy relationships, strippers and church girls gone bad. JAMES HAMPSHIRE from SuperBit Music Group produced this release and he elusive front man, lead singer and founder JOHNNY GHOST is responsible for all of the bands compositions and plays a big part in the creative direction in their cleverly crafted music videos.

LITTLE GHOSTS is an innovative, eclectic and raw band whose heavy, guitar-driven sound emits a vast array of emotions and atmospheres. They draw influence from artists such as LED ZEPPELIN, JACK WHITE, BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB; integrating their love for blues and folk. The title track ‘CARNIVORE’, was written after the inspiration of many wild nights cavorting around the Las Vegas strip clubs, maintaining an intriguing and intense ambience throughout the whole song and every sound embraces you wonderfully. The enigmatic ETHAN TREMBLAY plays a large part in the bands visuals and directed the ‘CARNIVORE’ music video. The second track ‘3AM’ displays an aggressive array of distorted guitars and raw vocals from the start. Its simplicity is accompanied by an upbeat rhythm establishing a sensitizing listening experience. ‘STREAM’ is even more engaging, with JOHNNY GHOSTS effortless hood laden vocals. The song ‘DAYS’ reaches unique emotional peaks, flow through lead-singer voice full of reverb and the slow and deep drum patch.

LITTLE GHOSTS stand out in a popular music scene, bringing their diverse sound and fresh attitude ‘CARNIVORE’ E.P is just the beginning for LITTLE GHOSTS. So stay tuned for imminent updates.

little ghosts2LITTLE GHOSTS – Carnivore E.P 1. Carnivore 2. 3AM 3. Stream 4. Days







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