RT-Zed: ‘Zed Hed’ 3rd Time Lucky?

zedhed2“An artist has to evolve – otherwise it’s just industry, not art and to me that’s death.”

These are the words of Steve Grantley, drummer of legendary Irish Punk band Stiff Little Fingers.

Whilst remaining the SLF sticks-man, in 2000 Grantley began a parallel career and made the decision to step out from behind the kit, to the front of the stage; “I was confident about the music and my abilities but sometimes I’d question, ‘What will people say about me fronting my own band and singing and all that?’ There were times of huge self-doubt, but I had an overwhelming feeling that it was the right way to go, so I just listened to my heart and went with my instinct.”

RT-Zed are now proud to announce the release of their third album ‘Zed Hed’ on CD and vinyl, set for January 13th 2014, distributed nationally and internationally by Cadiz. “It’s organic: dirty rock n roll with an eye very much on the future.” As firm believers in the legacy of vinyl and the importance of offering tangible products to loyal fans, Grantley and his fellow musicians created the 14-track record with such a release in mind; using analogue tape to fabricate an end result that was thick, dirty and raw.

zedhed1‘Zed Hed’ is already receiving high praise from the national music press:

“RT-Zed are fire in the belly rockers: Zed Hed is blistering and rockin’! Strutting, dynamic and rowdy.” – Vive Le Rock Magazine

“Zed Hed finds Steve Grantley of SLF spreading his musical wings in style. Zed Hed is well worth your time.” – Big Cheese Magazine

“A must have album; a classic – a triumph! Zed Hed has more rock than Gibraltar. It’s a ‘game changer’. Unique, uncompromising, contemporary and innovative.” – LouderThanWar.com

“Damn good songs! Steve’s voice will surprise people with its power.” – With Guitars.com

An official album launch will be hosted at 229 The Venue, London on Thurs 19th December 2013, with an extensive 2014 tour to be announced later this year. Find out more at www.rtzed.com  | www.facebook.com/RTZedRock


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