In Hearts Wake: ‘Skydancer’ A Project!

in hearts wakeAustralian record label, UNFD have revealed that the viral website ‘Skydancer’ is in fact a new single from Byron Bay hardcore band IN HEARTS WAKE. The inspiration behind Skydancer is a little more complex than your average single though. In an effort to create awareness and raise money for the less privileged, In Hearts Wake have put together a video and short documentary about the plight of the Native American people and other indigenous cultures in today’s fast moving world. See it

The band and label, UNFD, have also decided to put their money where their mouth is, with all sales going to charity. ‘Skydancer’ is available for download on the site, with a Pay What You Wish platform in place. 100% of all money raised from single sales will go directly to three grassroots not-for-profit groups that support native populations and sustainability within their communities. The organisations affiliated with the project are ‘Seventh Generation Fund For Indigenous Peoples’ in North America, Germany’s ‘Hardcore Help’ that focuses on Africa, and Australia’s own ‘Red Dust’. The fund raising period is set to last for 30 days from the projects launch.

The Skydancer Project website was launched in October with a somewhat ambiguous tone, asking for fans to ‘register their interest’ in the project by clicking on an icon of an eagle. The site received an overwhelming amount of traffic and shares on social media, which was driven by UNFD and In Hearts Wake, in an effort to engage fans and further spread their message to an international audience. The track ‘Skydancer’ was inspired by a documentary about Native American iron workers contracted to build the skyscrapers in New York City, one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, it’s part of a greater message for from band, as vocalist Jake Taylor explains: “As a band we are thrilled to be coordinating the Skydancer Project with an amazing group of international partners. After spending some time refining our ideas we came up with what we think is the perfect method to spread a positive message. This new movement embodies all that is In Hearts Wake, as we aim to raise political, social and environmental awareness. We hope that this project restores, connects and inspires to set a new precedence for others. We urge everyone to get involved and be apart of the bigger picture.” The first charity contacted was Red Dust, an organisation working to promote health and deliver innovative programs to remote Australian Aboriginal communities. Their Healthy Living program encourages Indigenous youth to learn more about health and inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle.

CEO, Darren Smith was immediately drawn to the Skydancer project, “We were really excited when In Hearts Wake contacted us about the Skydancer project. It is an exciting initiative and Red Dust is delighted to be involved. It provides us with a fantastic opportunity to let a new audience know about the important work we are doing in remote Indigenous communities throughout Australia”. Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples, an organization that promotes support of Native American Communities in North America through their own funding and programs, are another integral partner to the Skydancer Project. “On behalf of the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples, It is a great honor and pleasure to be a partner with the Skydancer Project. We are grateful to this incredible group of musicians In Hearts Wake and their record label, UNFD who have elected to join our efforts to support the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas as they struggle to protect the sacredness of Mother Earth”, says Heather Frietas, Development Coordinator at Seventh Generation Fund. Hardcore Help are a group based in Germany that work to provide resources and humanitarian aid in Kenya. Their founder Rico Huntjens is also thrilled to be part of the Skydancer project. “When I heard about The Skydancer Project I was reminded of my favourite quote – “Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something”. Hardcore Help is really happy to a partner on this project”

‘Skydancer’ was recorded in their hometown of Byron Bay, prior to In Hearts Wake’s European September tour supporting The Amity Affliction. They will support Amity again in October, on the mostly sold out Arena tour throughout Australia.



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