Honningbarna: Uk / Irish Tour


Here is a link to the awesome “Klart Blikk”, a video made by Norwegian fifth graders: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWFCcNCV5bc

Norwegian DIY punkers HONNINGBARNA, whom Clash Magazine described as ‘the most exciting band in Norway’, have announced their UK & Irish tour, after a packed summer of festival appearances. Honningbarna (that’ll be The Honeychildren, translated) will travel to England and Ireland to once again showcase their energetic, uncompromising and driven live presence. The live show of these noiseniks is hailed to be one of the most thrilling there is.

Following incendiary shows at Great Escape, Iceland Airwaves, by:Larm and Roskilde, as well as picking up a Spellemann Award (the Norwegian equivalent of a Grammy, no mean feat), “Verden Er Enkel” was their first UK album release, and a statement of intent from a band only just out of their teens, whose performances with The Bronx on our shores last year almost over shadowed their formidable headliners. Pelle Gunnerfeldt (The Hives, Refused ++), producer for the album, says that ‘Honningbarna is a great – maybe the only – rock n’ roll band in a dying genre. The blazing guitars, furious boy choir, it truly is bliss to take in. Loud.’

Honningbarna want more than just make music. They also have an agenda, and have already managed to get a large portion of the Norwegian bible-belt to sing along to their infamous battlecry-anthem “Fri Palestina” (Free Palestine). Their aim is world domination, without compromise – they won’t sing in English – gimmicks or vanities, but with pure energy and love for music amidst their fans. Honningbarna are nothing short of awesome.

Honningbarna3They will be playing the following dates in September:

17.09.2013: Bloc, Glasgow UK

19.09.2013: Roisin Dubh, Galway IE

20.09.2013: Dolans, Limerick IE

21.09.2013: Whelan’s, Dublin IE

22.09.2013: The Fighting Cocks, Kingston UK

23.09.2013: Retro Bar, Manchester UK

24.09.2013: The Electric Circus, Edinburgh UK

25.09.2013: The Boilerroom, Guildford UK

26.09.2013: 12 Bar Club, London UK

27.09.2013: Mello Mello (support for Dirty Revolution), Liverpool UK

28.09.2013: Cowley Club, Brighton UK

“Honningbarna are so good they could have been genetically modified to be the voice of a modern punk generation…Tonight’s show is one of the best live outings we’ve seen in years.” **** The Fly

“Frontman Edward Valberg is a convulsive mixture of Paul Weller and Ian Curtis. Even from behind his band’s gimmick, a cello, he screams with a righteous, bug-eyed fury.” The Quietus

“Frantic, urgent, fantastic punk rock” 9/10 – Rock Sound

“With a while hot melange of cool influences and a brittle, bony sound to balance fist pumping anthemia, which is so precision guided it’s almost industrially produced, it’s a very fine record which is like an instant coffee bomb.” **** Artrocker

“The most exciting band in Norway” Clash

verden er enkel omslag LP_Layout 1A link to three of their tracks on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/lashoutagency/sets/honningbarna-samples/


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