David Ramirez: 3 Ep’s + 2 Lp’s: For Free!

david-ramirez (1)David Ramirez: 3 Ep’s + 2 Lp’s: For Free!

It’s not very often i’m struck by a ‘singer – songwritter’ in fact over here in the UK the phrase is over used and worn out! I keep going back to my Dylan, Young, Springsteen, Browne, Mellencamp, Buckley etc and the only ‘modern’ chap I like is Ethan Johns and i keep on skipping Sheeran, Bugg and co! So when my fave label of the moment ‘Noise Trade’ send me a mail to say a singer was making three ep’s and two albums available to download and it was for fans of Ryan Adams, The Civil Wars & even the Mighty Johnny Cash!

I simply had to check it out and just as when I ‘lucked’ upon Canadian Justin Rutledge last year and he gave me my ‘album of the year’ I was astounded at the quality and delivery of the songs on offer and became an instant fan of this man whom several hours earlier I had never heard of. It’s also safe to say that some of the songs here ‘saved my life’ as with ALL great singers and songs some of these tracks not only spoke to me personally but summed up just how I was feeling and pulled me away from the edge to see that the light at the end of the tunnel was still shining! So do yourself a favour and click the link below, watch the visual clips, download a song or two and make your life richer while maybe helping David gain exposure and maybe, just maybe he will jump on a plane and come over and show those young pretenders just how to do this ‘shit’ Jj: Sept 2013

davidramirezmusicGet your FREE music here: http://noisetrade.com/davidramirezmusic

A man and his guitar… honest, unfiltered and true. In a landscape filled with Top 40 beats and harmonizing folk groups, a lone singer- songwriter definitely has his work cut out for him. But David Ramirez isn’t looking to top the charts. He just wants to tell the truth. “I grew up on 90’s alternative radio. It was fun and easy. In college someone gave me a Ryan Adams record, which led me to discover folks like Bob Dylan. From those guys I learned about the power of words and melody and their ability to affect change in people. That honesty made me want to connect with people through music”.

Being just as drawn to artists like Dylan and Adams as he is to The National and Arcade Fire is perhaps what draws both young college crowds and folk traditionalists to his live shows. In 2012, Ramirez played over 175 shows in theaters, clubs, bars and listening rooms from Burlington, VT to San Diego, CA. A Fall 2012 co-headline tour with Noah Gundersen saw many sell-out shows and grew his loyal fan base. “I’ve been humbled by the response I’ve received from people. Not only do they come to a show or two but they seem to be in it for the long haul. Touring can be tough, but knowing that people around the country are excited to be a part of my music brings so much joy and meaning to the miles”.

Ramirez’s career has spanned 2 full lengths and 3 EP’s. His 2012 independently released album, Apologies debuted at #2 on iTunes Singer-Songwriter charts and #23 on Billboard Folk, garnering praise from The New York Times, American Songwriter and PASTE. Hometown magazine Austin Monthly calls Ramirez “one of Americana’s great undiscovered songwriters…” His latest release is The Rooster EP. Produced in 6 days by Ramirez and Danny Reisch (Shearwater, Okkervill River, White Denim), the 5 songs explore new sounds and test the limits of the folk/singer-songwriter genre. “The songs themselves are still rooted in folk, but I wanted to experiment with different sounds and textures. It’s subtle but it’s strong”.

David Ramirez Press 1 BWDavid Ramirez knows no luxury. All he needs is an acoustic guitar and the words in his mouth to share his story. One that is honest, unfiltered and true.

Watch a full acoustic show here: http://youtu.be/ynKBGy-pWbE

FOR FANS OF Ryan Adams, Jason Isbell, The Civil Wars, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan

http://davidramirezmusic.com / // https://www.facebook.com/davidramirezaustin  // https://twitter.com/ramirezdavid


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