The Courtesans: Dirty Killers!

the court4Meeting on a dark wild night in London spurred on by absinthe kisses and tales to never be repeated, The Courtesans bring together four emphatic personalities merged by fate to craft an intoxicating brand of sultry, unapologetic electro rock with a bite. Brash and wild, powerful and unstable, The Courtesans are here.

Raucous guitars brush up against thigh-skimming angelic chords and seductive sounds; their unpredictable music is however wrapped tenderly in the feminine form. Restless, tortured by their own dreams and a passion for their art, the secretive band have decided that their time is nigh. The Courtesans are Sinead La Bella (Light), Agnes Jones (Darkness), Saffire Sanchez (Rebel) and Victoria Brown (Temptation). Debaucherous, vicious and addictive.

Watch the band’s brazen take on The Velvet Underground’s ‘Venus In Furs’.

With a uniquely theatrical slant in their approach to sensual, ethereal trip-hop, The Courtesans are currently recording their debut album, supported by a huge hypnotised fanbase and fully-funded by a successful Pledge campaign. Pledgers were privy to an exclusive uncensored video of ‘Dirty Killer (Remix)’ created by and featuring the band.

See the censored Dirty Killer here:

The-Courtesans-EU1You can sign up to the mailing list to receive a link and password to the uncensored version at  The debut album will be released in October, shortly preceded by debut single ‘Genius’. Their unstoppable force will playing a few autumn shows (dates below).


13 – The Underworld, Camden

31 – The Classic Grand, Glasgow


1 – Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh

29 – The Cockpit, Leeds

The Courtesans online:


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