The 45’s: Dr Feelgood! Keeping The Dream Alive!

45s 3Wilko Johnson Protege Takes His Signature Tele On The Road

With one of the first Wilko Johnson signature Telecasters off the production line, 16 year old Wilko protégé Tom Hamilton-Hughes and his band – The 45s are fresh from supporting Wilko on his farewell tour, where Tom had the ultimate honour of playing Wilko’s own Telecaster in front of an adoring audience after breaking a string during The 45s set at Glasgow’s 02 ABC. On going to the back of the stage to grab his own spare guitar, Wilko’s manager stepped forward and handed him Wilko’s own iconic red and black Telecaster to finish his set while Wilko watched from the side of the stage. The 45s took their raucous R & B to Fitzherberts, the Brighton pub where Elton John watched The Strypes before signing them to his management company on Thursday 25th July. This was followed by some bank holiday action where Wilko Johnson is interviewed about his influences and thoughts about the future of music before joining The 45s onstage at the Great British R & B festival in Colne on August Bank Holiday.

Watch Wilko Johnson and the 45s here:

45s 2The connection between Wilko and Tom began a couple of years ago when Tom blagged his way backstage at a Wilko gig in Kendal near Tom’s home in Carlisle. At 14 years old Wilko assumed Tom was a starstruck fan looking for an autograph. When he invited Tom to ask him a question, rather than the usual fan talk Tom queried a detail of Wilko’s playing style. Wilko then placed his Telcaster in Tom’s hands and said “go on show me what you can do?” The rest is now history, with Tom and his band going on to support Wilko on his farewell tour. Plans are now afoot for The 45s to play for Wilko at his local pub, the Railway hotel in Southend where the pub sign is now a portrait of the great man himself! Wilko has said of The 45s, “I was sent a CD of theirs and I thought it was great. They remind me of how I was myself at that age.” The 45s and Wilko will also share a stage this August Bank Holiday Monday when they both play the Great British R & B festival in Colne, Lancashire. A Wilko/Tom guitar jam isn’t out of the question and this time they will have matching guitars!

45s scooterThe 45s are four 16 year olds from Carlisle, UK. They are all schoolmates and have gigged around the north of England and Scotland for over a year, toting up over a hundred gigs playing two hour sets to inebriated punters demanding a party. They have survived stage invasions, punch ups and the all to close attentions of young girls and women old enough to know better! They have written an album’s worth of scorching R & B songs and are planning their first single release for October.

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