Lords Of The New Church: Re-issues x3

Lords-of-the-New-ChurchThe Lords of the New Church’s three original albums to be reissued this fall

The three long-out-of-print studio albums released by the original lineup of The Lords of the New Church — the so-called postpunk supergroup that featured late frontman Stiv Bators of The Dead Boys and guitarist Brian James of The Damned — between 1982 and 1984 will be re-released on CD this fall by reissue specialist Real Gone Music. As our friends at ‘Slicing Eyeballs’  point out, the three albums — 1982′s The Lords of the New Church, 1983′s Is Nothing Sacred? and 1984′s The Method to Our Madness — are due out on CD on Sept. 30. Each is a no-frills re-release with no bonus tracks appended to the original albums, although they will have new liner notes by music journalist Scott Schinder.

The Lords’ three original studio albums have been out-of-print so long that there’s not one but two copies of the original 1990 CD release listed for $2,037 on Amazon.com. The band, which also featured Sham 69 bassist Dave Tregunna and drummer Nick Turner of The Barracudas, scored minor hits with “Open Your Eyes” and “Dance With Me,” but fell apart by the late ’80s. Although Bators died in 1990 after being hit by a car in Paris, James and Tregunna reformed the band in 2003 and released an album named Hang On.

Lords-of-the-New-Church-The-Lords-of-the-New-Church-150x150The Lords of the New Church 1. “New Church” 2. “Russian Roulette” 3. “Question of Temperature” 4. “Eat Your Heart Out” 5. “Portobello” 6. “Open Your Eyes” 7. “Livin’ on Livin’” 8. “Li’l Boys Play with Dolls” 9. “Apocalypso” 10. “Holy War”

Lords-of-the-New-Church-Is-Nothing-Sacred-150x150Is Nothing Sacred? 1. “Dance with Me” 2. “Bad Timing” 3. “Johnny Too Bad” 4. “Don’t Worry Children” 5. “The Night Is Calling” 6. “Black Girl White Girl” 7. “Goin’ Downtown” 8. “Tale of Two Cities” 9. “World Without End” 10. “Partners in Crime” 11. “Live for Today”

Lords-of-the-New-Church-The-Method-to-Our-Madness-150x150The Method to Our Madness 1. “Method to My Madness” 2. “I Never Believed” 3. “Pretty Baby Scream” 4. “S.F. & T.” 5. “When Blood Runs Cold” 6. “Murder Style” 7. “The Seducer” 8. “Kiss of Death” 9. “Do What Thou Will” 10. “My Kingdom Come”


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