Rise Against Stream ‘Dirt And Roses’

riseagainst970600Rise Against are gearing up to release a brand new rarities collection, in the form of ‘Long Forgotten Songs’, and now, you can hear one of its tracks. Originally written to appear on The Avengers soundtrack, ‘Dirt And Roses’ is on of the more recent offerings from their B-side and covers collection, having been written for the 2012 blockbuster.

Curious? Have a listen to it here: http://youtu.be/dd5RQkee59A

The track comes from their forthcoming release ‘Long Forgotten Songs: B-Sides & Covers 2000 – 2013’, which is compiled of twenty six songs – both original tracks and covers – which have not previously been featured on any of the band’s six studio albums.

“Well, you know,” offered Brendan Barnes, offering an insight into the release, from his home in Denver, Colorado, “we’ve gotten to this point where we have twenty six songs that are all kind of floating around aimlessly: some have been on compilations, some have been on video games, maybe this one’s been on an EP. We just felt like it was time to gather them up, organise them and figure out what we had. We’re not touring this year and we thought it’d be a a fun way to give our fans a little something since we’re not going out playing.”

The album is all set to be released on 9th September through Interscope Records, before the band make a live return to the UK to perform at this year’s Warped Tour this November.


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