Mike Oldfield: Crises / Five Miles Out

old3MIKE OLDFIELD New 2013 special editions ‘CRISES’ and ‘FIVE MILES OUT’

In a year which celebrates the 40th Anniversary of his seminal album Tubular Bells, two of Mike Oldfield’s classic 80s albums Crises and Five Miles Out will be issued on various limited edition collectors’ formats on September 2nd through Mercury/Universal Music Catalogue. These limited edition releases of Crises and Five Miles Out include coloured vinyl, remixes, live footage DVDs, unreleased demos, essays and including interview material with Oldfield himself, as well as an attractive 30th Anniversary collector’s box set and book for Crises (full details of all formats below) – all of which are more superb additions to Mike Oldfield’s critically-acclaimed catalogue reissue programme.

Originally released in 1983, Crises was one of Oldfield’s most commercially successful albums featuring the huge hit single ‘Moonlight Shadow’ and guest vocal appearances from Maggie Reilly, Jon Anderson and Roger Chapman. Of all the albums he has recorded, Crises underlined Mike Oldfield’s skill as a writer of fine songs as well as a gifted creator of sublime instrumental music. Like the moon that shines out from the Terry Ilott painting gracing its cover, the music of Crises continues to shine magically thirty years on from its release.

‘Five Miles Out’, originally released in 1982, contained the Maggie Reilly-sung hit single ‘Family Man’ (later covered by Hall and Oates) and also featured the lengthy opus ‘Taurus II’, one of Oldfield’s most accomplished major works, with the album’s title track inspired by a hazardous flight Oldfield and his band took from Barcelona to San Sebastian on a European tour.

Last year Oldfield reaffirmed his position as one of the most iconic and influential artists of all time being called upon by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle to be a key part of one of the most culturally significant events in British history; The London Olympics Opening Ceremony. He has been very busy since collaborating with dance producer York on the album Tubular Beats (now available through iTunes and other digital retailers) and is currently working on a new album of song based-material with producer Stephen Lipson. Early listens suggest something very exciting indeed.


Disc One (CD): 1. Crises 2. Moonlight Shadow 3. In High Places 4. Foreign Affair 5. Taurus 3 6. Shadow on the Wall 7. Moonlight Shadow (unplugged mix) 8. Shadow on the Wall (unplugged mix) 9. Mistake 10. Crime of Passion (extended version) 11. Jungle Gardenia 12. Moonlight Shadow (12-inch single version) 13. Shadow on the Wall (12-inch single version)

Disc Two (CD): 1. Woodhenge / Incantations Part Three (WEMBLEY 1983) 2. Sheba (WEMBLEY 1983) 3. Ommadawn Part One (WEMBLEY 1983) 4. Mount Teidi (WEMBLEY 1983) 5. Five Miles Out (WEMBLEY 1983) 6. Tubular Bells Part One (WEMBLEY 1983)

Disc Three (CD): Taurus I (WEMBLEY 1983) 1. Taurus II (WEMBLEY 1983) 2. Crises (WEMBLEY 1983) 3. Moonlight Shadow (WEMBLEY 1983) 4. Shadow on the Wall (WEMBLEY 1983) 5. Family Man (WEMBLEY 1983)


1. Taurus II 2. Family Man 3. Orabidoo 4. Mount Teidi 5. Five Miles Out 6. Bonus: Waldberg (The Peak) 7. Bonus: Five Miles Out

Disc Two (CD): 1. Tubular Bells Part One (Cologne Live 1982) 2. Sheba (Cologne Live 1982) 3. Mirage (Cologne Live 1982) 4. Family Man (Cologne Live 1982) 5. Taurus II (Cologne Live 1982) 6. Mount Teidi (Cologne Live 1982) 7. Five Miles Out (Cologne Live 1982) 8. Guilty (Cologne Live 1982


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