Back To Boomtown: Classic Rats! Hits & Tour


The Boomtown Rats will release a new hits collection on August 5th ’13. Entitled ‘Back To Boomtown: Classic Rats’ Hits’ it will feature all of the band’s celebrated hits including ‘Lookin After No 1’, ‘Like Clockwork’, ‘She’s So Modern’, ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ and ‘Rat Trap’ – songs with an immediacy and a message that is as pertinent today as it was when they were written – plus two new songs recorded by the newly re-formed Rats.

Once famously described as ‘licentious, festering reprobates’ and ‘leprous anti-establishment scumbags’ and banned from playing in their home country, it’s difficult to overestimate the shock and awe The Boomtown Rats inspired in late 70s Ireland. The Rats set out to “disrupt, disturb and question what it meant to be young in the Ireland of the mid-70s”.

Formed in 1975 in Dublin The Boomtown Rats exploded out of Ireland in ’76 and their fast, loud, furious music and their fast loud furious attitude meant they became part of the burgeoning punk scene. Singer Bob Geldof’s defiant motormouth arrogance and flagrant disrespect for authority endeared him and his band to every youth who felt weighed down by the heavy handed blandishments of church and state. In the UK The Boomtown Rats first toured with the Ramones and Talking Heads rocking and mocking the status quo alongside the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Jam and The Stranglers. They became one of the biggest bands of the late 70s/80s with a string of top ten hits and platinum albums, earning them Brit Awards, Ivor Novellos and Grammy Awards. Making history as the first Irish band to have a UK no 1 hit with ‘Rat Trap’, they went on to top the charts in 32 Countries with ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ and racked up 6 era-defining albums: ‘The Boomtown Rats’ (’77), ‘A Tonic For The Troops’ (’78), ‘The Fine Art Of Surfacing’ (’79), ‘Mondo Bongo’ (’80), ‘V Deep’ (’82) and ‘In The Long Grass’ (’84).

Says Bob: “_age,curiosity and cash prompted our interest in getting together again. Age and cash are self evident. Curiosity about each other and what we did together in the ’70’ and 80’s. Curiosity about those songs that seem to have endured and the music and band that powered them. When I sang again Rat Trap,Looking After No 1, Mondays, Someone’s Looking At You, Banana Republic, She’s So Modern etc, there was nothing I would change. On re-hearing, on re-singing them I understood that they could have been written yesterday. the circumstances within which they were written hadn’t changed. Tragically and unfortunately.I could sing those words with utter conviction. This isn’t nostalgia rather perhaps a time to be angry again. A time to hear a great band like The Boomtown Rats again. If only for a short while…”

The full track listing of the album will be –

1. The Boomtown Rats! 2. Mary Of The 4th. Form 3. (I Never Loved) Eva Braun 4. Neon Heart 5. Like ClockWork 6. She’s So Modern 7. Lookin’ After No. 1 8. Someone’s Looking At You 9. Me And Howard Hughes 10. Joey’s On The Street Again 11. I Don’t Like Mondays 12. Having My Picture Taken 13. Banana Republic 14. Diamond Smiles 15. Rat Trap 16. Back To Boomtown

The digital version of the album will feature two additional songs – ‘House On Fire’ and ‘Drag Me Down’.

boomtown-rats-2013Some 26 years since their final show in Dublin in May ’86, The Boomtown Rats – Bob Geldof on vocals, Pete Briquette on bass, Simon Crowe on drums and Garry Roberts on guitar – will play the Isle Of Wight festival on 16th June 2013 and will tour the UK in the autumn. The full list of shows is:



23 CAMBRIDGE Corn Exchange


26 LONDON Roundhouse

28 BRISTOL O2 Academy


31 LEEDS O2 Academy



3 GLASGOW O2 Academy

4 NEWCASTLE O2 Academy


Boomtown Rats tickets are available from  or


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