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“What the hell happened to “Real Punk” music?”



Just the other day I was thinking, “What the hell happened to “Real Punk” music?” And by “Real Punk,” I mean… Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Germs, Flipper, Circle Jerks, The Damned, Television, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Ramones, TSOL, Minor Threat… Hell… even Nirvana. And voila…like an answer to my punk prayers, I discover The Barb Wire Dolls.

The Dolls deliver “Real” authentic punk rock with 70s CBGB style swagger and fashion with an oversexed frontwoman, Isis Queen, who makes Debbie Harry in her 70’s prime look downright homely, while singing like Patti Smith channeling Johnny Rotten. Along with guitarist Pyn Doll and drummer Krash Doll, Isis Queen abandons all human inhibitions, while the band pummels the audience with Ramones rave-ups. As I complete this editorial, I recently witnessed this visual and aural assault, and can truly testify that while there are still DIY independent bands putting on shows like this… Real punk is truly not dead!



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 Barb Wire Dolls – “L.A.” [Official Video]:

Barb Wire Dolls – “Revolution” [Official Video]:

barb wire3From the first barre chord, Barb Wire Dolls were out for blood, with real swagger, real attitude and real punk chops. Pyn’s downstrokes were of epic Ramone-esque “buzzsaw” proportions ripping the faces off those close to the stage. And if the sonic freight train engineered by his dual guitar/bass cabinet assault wasn’t enough to get the crowd off…the visual, visceral, orgasmic vision of frontwoman Isis Queen was enough to reform the crowd. I’ve read many comparisons to Courtney Love and Wendy O, but vocally, I got more of a Patti Smith/Brody Dalle vibe… which is a great thing. Going from a banshee scream in the politically charged “Revolution” to a sultry snarl in “Wild Child Diamonds,” her vocal acrobatics were only upstaged by her physical ones…jumping, writhing, gyrating, crawling and ultimately seducing every fan, male and female, in the club. But don’t kid yourself, while this sex kitten is the ultimate lure, the authentic punk sound of this trio is what reels you in for the kill. The songs both live and on the new Steve Albini disc Slit (which I recommend for any avid punk enthusiast ) are lethal, dangerous, controversial and shocking…just like their bombastic onstage delivery. Punk’s not dead…not as long as Barb Wire Dolls have breath. – Music Entertainment Magazine


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