Mark Houle: La Folie: Synth-Pop 13

la folieMarc Houle today reveals his new band project “La Folie”. The Berlin-based trio’s debut 12-track album of nocturnal synth-pop is nearing completion. La Folie will debut their nocturnal synth pop at Berlin’s Berghain Kantine on Wednesday June 5, 2013. A decade of musicianship, a diary full of heartbreak, and a chance encounter in Berlin preceded the birth of this project from Marc Houle and Joaquim dos Santos.

In both name and mood, the band look to ‘la folie’, the French phrase that describes the madness of love when one is madly in love. Theirs is a powerful type of pop music juxtaposition, made for uneasy easy listening. Joaquim and new live member Clelia Cantoro become stylized synth-pop automatons as their voices blend, echo and confront each other, while Marc draws lush shades of light and shadows from his orchestra of synthesizers.

La Folie’s lyrical themes are universal, but the band has mostly existed as a secret project. La Folie began when Marc and Joaquim met through mutual friends and a mutual love of music ten years ago in Windsor, Canada. Fueled by Marc’s affinity for production and Joaquim’s anti-love songs, the two amassed a store of secret recordings that they crafted just for themselves. Years later, when Marc and Joaquim had relocated to Berlin, and after a fortuitous meeting with Clelia, the final incarnation of La Folie was realized. Having written, recorded, re-recorded, refined and evolved their songs sketches over the years, La Folie developed from a passion project to a fully realized band in Marc’s Berlin studio.

With the aid of Tobi Neumann’s prowess as mixing engineer at his newly set up Apollo Studio Berlin, La Folie’s debut 12-track album of bittersweet synth-pop laments is nearing completion. The album’s tracks will be painstakingly recreated for the group’s concert debut, which promises more of the intriguing juxtapositions that make the first glimpses of their debut video “Her New Dress” so compelling.

For a taster of what to expect, check out the album preview link View debut video “Her New Dress


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