One Minute Silence: Fragmented Armageddon

omsReturning to the ring after a 10 year hiatus, legendary British Rap Metal band OMS will release their highly anticipated new EP “Fragmented Armageddon” on 17 June.

Consisting of three brand new tracks, an acoustic rendition and two remixes, “Fragmented Armageddon” serves as an exciting taster of the impending musical onslaught that Yap, Massy, Glen and new drummer Martin Davies are creating. Vocalist Yap explains: “Initially I wasn’t sure if the energy and punch that we had would still be there but when we got in the rehearsal room together there was no denying it – in fact it’s stronger than it ever was”.

The recording of the EP was made possible by the unending support of OMS fans through Pledge Music.The hiatus saw the band’s members explore many musical styles in various projects, ranging from folk to electronica and jazz to beat poetry, and they have been inspired by a wealth of new influences along the way. Bringing their fresh ideas and new perspectives together, they have created the next generation ONE MINUTE SILENCE that is still fuelled by the raging fire for which they are famous.

ONE MINUTE SILENCE have written 10 new tracks towards a new album which they hope to record this year for release in 2014, with live dates to follow. Many remember OMS for their intense live shows, which earned them the title ‘Best Live Band’ at the 2000 Kerrang! Awards, and soon the wait will be over to witness it again.

Track listing: 1 – Fruit from the Lie 2 – Pandemic Schizophrenia 3 – You So Much as Move 4 – Fruit from the Lie (Ben Hurd remix) 5 – You So Much As Move (Massimo Fiocco remix) 6 – Early Morning (acoustic)

Check out the trailer here: // Fragmented Armageddon is set for release on 17 June, 2013.



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