Dave McPherson: Dreamoirs

dave macDave McPherson New Album ‘Dreamoirs’ out June 3rdOn Pledge Music/ Graphite Records

Kingdom Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GXulPZwQsg //  www.facebook.com/davemcphersonmusic

Wed 8th May Glasgow Broadcast
Thurs 9th May Manchester, Ruby Lounge
Fri 10th May Birmingham, Eddie’s Rock Club

Over the past decade Dave McPherson has been consistently touring, creating music, and fullyuplifting engrossed audiences across Europe. But only fairly recently has this been as a fullyformed solo artist. New album ‘Dreamoirs’ offers the complete and sublime intellectualcapacity of this gifted and truly hard working songwriter.It was in 2007 that Dave first started strapping on his acoustic guitar, hopping on trainsaround the country and couch surfing his way into the ears of listeners who were eager to seea true live artist do his thing. The use of the term “true” shouldn’t be ambiguous, but forqualification in this instance it is used to describe a performer with a soulful and technicallygifted voice, an intricate and passionate style of guitar playing, and one who uses these skillsto great effect on an abundance of self penned material.

Dave himself has tasted the mainstream with his band InMe a decade ago, playing majorfestival main stages and touring the world when he was just 19. It’s a completely differentworld to the one that he currently and happily it should be added exists in. This self-confessed Star Trek obsessive is more than happy to embrace his inner geek and in trulymodern style spends hours a day noting lyrical ideas in his iPhone, researching ideas andsinging newly formed melodies to himself in the street. Dave is comfortable in his own skin;whether that is touring pubs, large venues with the likes of Charlie Simpson and DevinTownsend or festivals like Download and Beautiful Days in search of new listeners, fine aleand old friends on the road.

After a number of DIY EP’s taken out on tour at a point when Dave was fast approaching 700 solo shows, 2011 saw him truly enter the realm of the solo artist and release ‘The Hardship Diaries’ via Pledge Music. The fan-fuelled label provided the perfect platform for Dave toengage with his supporters and they responded by pushing him through the 100% target ofsales in a few days and smash well and truly through 200% in a matter of weeks. The albumwas a very personal collection of songs, exemplifying Dave’s songwriting ability in a way thathis previous work never really could. In a music industry that many say is beginning todisregard the album format, Dave showed that this medium is still the most accessible andimportant way to gather together a true representation of what an artist is all about.

None of this is to say that Dave is not open to creative ideas and challenges in a bid to get hismusic heard, and it is here that we can unequivocally return to the notion of “hard work”.2013 is to be the busiest year of Dave McPherson’s career as he embarks first on ‘The Good People Movement: 365’ the mammoth task of writing and recording a song every day of the year. This in itself is quite a challenge, but when you consider that he will do this during the year when his second solo album is released and toured, you can really comprehend that”hard work” is certainly a relative term. What is apparent with Dave McPherson, however, isthat he sees this as his passion music has long since absorbed and consumed him to thepoint of it feeling like a way of life, not hard work.‘Dreamoirs’ will be officially released in June 2013.

The concept of the album is, as the titlesuggests, based around dreams. It is also an album that sees full band instrumentation(performed on the record by Dave himself, no less) and his supporters will be given theopportunity to hear these songs live in some rare full band Dave McPherson performancesthis summer.Whereas ‘The Hardship Diaries’ was essentially a “break-up” record, at timesrushed and spontaneous, ‘Dreamoirs’ is reflective and explores more subject matter: it’s afocused record that Dave has put a considerable amount of work, thought and passion into.


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