OPM: Lucky 13 Tour! + New LP

opmOPM ‘Golden State Of Mind’ & ‘Lucky 13’ UK Tour 2013

Circlekj is pleased to announce the return of Californian reggae-rockers, OPM, with European live dates starting May 16th and official album release. OPM hit success in back in 2001 with Skater-anthem, ‘Heaven Is A Halfpipe’ reaching No.4 in the UK charts and Kerrang! Single of the Year Award. Frontman John E. Necro comments, “We’re just really grateful to have had even one hit record over in Europe, it’s enabled us to keep playing for all these years and we still enjoy performing the track with the same enthusiasm as when it was first released.”

It’s been 13 years since their 2000 debut album ‘Menace To Sobriety’; OPM are back with the Official European release of ‘Golden State Of Mind’, available 28th June 2013 featuring previously un-released tracks and their brand new single, ‘Everything’s The Same In LA’. “There was never an official release of ‘Golden State of Mind’ outside of the US; we realised some people might not even know the material was out there. We didn’t want fans to miss out, so now that we’re on our own Independent label, MNO Records, we’re able to do this properly with European shows and a real release date. We’re free to do things our own way now.”

You can catch OPM at the following UK live shows:

May 16 Surya, London, UK

May 17 Soundhouse, Leicester, UK

May 18 The Hairy Dog, Derby, UK

May 19 The Leopard. Doncaster, UK

May 20 Duchess, York, UK

May 21 The New Adelphi, Hull, UK

May 22 Trillians, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK

May 24 Dry Bar Live, Manchester, UK

May 25 Ironworks, Oswestry, UK

May 26 The Boars Head, Kidderminster, UK

May 27 Beercart, Canterbury, UK

Jun 06 Hastings, Carlisle, UK

Jun 06 Sticky Mikes, Brighton, UK

Jun 08 The Cavern, Exeter, UK

Jun 12 200 Club, Newport (Isle Of Wight), UK

Jun 14 The Box, Crewe, UK

Jun 15 The Kasbah, Coventry, UK

TICKETS AVAILABLE DIRECT FROM VENUES OR http://www.seetickets.com/tour/opm  // www.mnorecords.com  // https://www.facebook.com/opmden


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