Kingdom Come: Outlier


‘Outlier’, Kingdom Come’s outstanding new studio album is a glorious, riff and chorus driven, massive classic hard rock beast of an album, with an unexpected, utterly inspired Industrial twist in its tail. ‘Outlier’, Kingdome Come’s first new studio album for four years – since 2009’s ‘Magnified’ – marks the start of a brand new chapter in vocalist / main man Lenny Wolf’s creative career. While ‘Outlier’ may contain many flawless, soaring, occasionally melancholic, melodious hard rock anthems – as expected of this perfectionist rock music veteran of thirty plus years – it also incorporates strident industrial sound elements to add a whole new dimension. ‘Outlier’ contains ten haunting, stirring, strikingly diverse songs, some of which recall Kingdom Come’s glorious, hard rocking past, others of which document a future oriented direction. On ‘Outlier’, Lenny expertly positions his instantly recognizable, huge, charismatic voice between traditional rock structures and harsh, repetitive, industrial sounds to create a very special, totally unique album.

Lenny notes that “Naturally, nobody is happier than I am when my music is loved by as many fans as possible, but these kinds of aspects are irrelevant when it comes to creating a new album. The only thing that matters is testing myself as an artist and embarking on new paths. I simply felt the need to delve deep inside of me and run riot in the infinite expanse of the audio cosmos. The result is a friction of mercilessly mechanical, heartless sound collages, combined with my typical melancholy-melodious style. A whole number of souls happen to dwell in my breast, which is why experimentation and the development of my musical existence simply belong together. It’s of secondary importance to me whether this is clever in business terms. To me, it’s all about creating optimum varieties of sound signals which go through the ear straight to the heart.”

With the exception of the guitar solos contributed by Eric Forster, all the instruments on the album were recorded by Lenny himself at his own Two Square Noise Factory in Hamburg. Wolf also produced, engineered, mixed and mastered ‘Outlier’ in its entirety. “Eighteen months of struggle and madness lie behind me, a period which saw me go through the usual alternating path of euphoria and doubt. As an artist, you can never be quite sure just what you’ve cooked up, but I happen to be an idealist and simply have to keep embarking on new musical ventures.”

Commenting on his choice of album title, Lenny Wolf states that “The term ‘Outlier’ suits me to a tee. It symbolizes my whole personality, the musical media I work with, the story of my life. I never write to please anybody, I simply stretch my means of expression as a musician as far as possible; always in the hope that others will like the result.” He needn’t worry; ‘Outlier’, which marks a surprise new direction on Kingdom Come’s long and illustrious musical path, is nothing other than a Major Result.

Tracklisting: God Does Not Sing Our Song 04:05 Running High Distortion 04:14 Rough Ride Ralleye 04:35 Let The Silence Talk 03:29 Holy Curtain 03:59 The Trap Is Alive 04:41 Skip The Cover And Feel 03:37 Don`t Want You To Wait 04:31 Such A Shame 03:18 When Colors Break The Grey 05:03 


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