Roskilde Festival 2013

Roskilde+Festival+2013+64395_10151302131716706_122543Roskilde 2013

The trailer is ready:

CHASE & STATUS CONFIRMED FOR ROSKILDE FESTIVAL 2013 Electronic headliner is joined by Kenton Slash Demon and Om Unit. Thanks to today’s confirmed acts, we’re not only giving you a proper electronic party on Orange Stage, designed to burn more calories than any normal workout; we’ve also filled the last few empty slots on our Apollo stage. “We can hardly wait for another sweaty rave-performance from a band who also packed the Cosmopol stage in 2011,” says booker Anders Wahrén. CHASE & STATUS (UK) show us how electronic music can take the energy and high adrenalin levels from punk and metal, and turn it into parties that boil with equal amounts of intensity. In 2013, they’ll be taking on Orange Stage with an energetic show combining the best parts of drum’n’bass, dubstep, pop and rock in a magnificent collision. The first single, “Lost & Not Found”, from their forthcoming album will be released just few days before their Roskilde show.

KENTON SLASH DEMON (DK) is the night-clubbing side-project from Jonas Kenton and Silas Moldenhawer from When Saints Go Machine. ”Kenton Slash Demon has already proven their worth, so in all fairness we could have booked them sooner than we have. But sometimes you just fall in love with what’s been standing in front of you for a long time,” says booker Claes Roepstorff, responsible for the electronic acts at Roskilde Festival. OM UNIT (UK) draws his inspiration from sounds such as dubstep, instrumental hiphop and jungle. Especially the latter, well-known sound of 90’s electronic music was what got producer and dj John Coles going when he was just a teenager and first threw his love on electronic music. Today, his mix of various styles is right up there with those that define the future of London bass music. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, James Blake, Miguel, Suicidal Tendencies, Turbonegro and about 80 other names join the lineup.  At the same time we have a variety of stars to secure the collective, unifying concert experience“ says Music Director Rikke Øxner.

roskilde-2013A variation of headliners

KRAFTWERK, THE NATIONAL, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, RIHANNA, SIGUR RÓS, SLIPKNOT and VOLBEAT are on top of the poster. The headliners cover genres such as rock, pop and futuristic electro. However, these names are just the icing on the cake. No matter if you’re a fan of hip hop, metal, alternative rock or global acts; you can put together a music feast of your liking – while encountering surprises and challenges on your journey.

roskilde-2013Edgy rockers

We introduce a batch of names with more rock edge than seen or heard on Roskilde Festival for a long time. AIRBOURNE, TURBONEGRO, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB are among today’s new additions; all have fresh records out demonstrating great shape and chops. Along with UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS, KVELERTAK and THE SWORD, these names secure a festival with plenty riffs and licks. “This year’s lineup is actually the most rock-oriented in my time as a booker. I strongly sense a blossoming of rock these years, and we have great exponents for this development featured on the line-up”, says booker Stefan Gejsing.

roskilde-2013… always a surprise

Swedish pop collective INGRID are planning a special Roskilde show, including songs from LYKKE LI, PETER BJORN AND JOHN, MIIKE SNOW, COCO and J. ÅHLUND who will take the stage with several surprising guests. This array of stellar names only played two intimate club shows in the past, thus heading for a spectacular world premiere in the large format of Roskilde Festival’s Orange Stage this summer.

roskilde-2013Outrageous urban sounds

Future superstar MIGUEL is among today’s brand new names with his sexy R&B. We also announce EL-P, KILLER MIKE and flamboyant rapper MYKKI BLANCO, joining KENDRICK LAMAR, DANNY BROWN, JOEY BADA$$, FLATBUSH ZOMBIES and ACTION BRONSON. Roskilde Festival 2013 is mandatory for anyone the least into hip hop. The Nordic countries also boost names such as CHORDS, KARPE DIEM and LINKOBAN.

roskilde-2013Sparkling world colors

As always, Cosmopol and the other stages will feature world colours unlike any other festival in Scandinavia or Europe: “Our world music names are those who really push traditions forward. This year features acts from South Korea, China and Egypt,” says booker of global acts Peter Hvalkof. DAWANGGANG, NUBANOUR KRAR COLLECTIVE and several other names from foreign skies are also part of today’s poster.

roskilde-2013Roskilde is ugly

Roskilde Festival’s alternative rock profile rips, shreds and tears like never before. PISSED JEANS, FIDLAR, ICEAGE, PARQUET COURTS and METZ add more punky-edge to the programme, which also features Sonic Youth legend Thurston Moore’s brand new vehicle CHELSEA LIGHT MOVING.


We witness a true internet generation taking the stage. Their music is a total meltdown of genres, styles and eras. Take JAMES BLAKE for instance: He is back at Roskilde, ready to repeat his 2011 triumph. Trap phenomenon ?Z is introduced today on the poster, another trap icon, BAAUER, was already part of the lineup. Another notorious internet regular is AZEALIA BANKS, her name is on the poster alongside ELOQ, FLUME and several other online idols.

Eager for more? Check out the website for the full list of acts:


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