Spitfire: %100 German Rock & Roll

spitfire PromoImage

New visceral young German 100% pure rock ‘n’ roll trio Spitfire, who combine hard rock, metal and rockabilly to create their invite own groovy, dirty, hard driving kick-ass sound, are set to release their debut album, ‘Devil’s Dance ‘on SPV’s rookies and Kings label on April 29th.

‘Devil’s Dance’, Which is packed with thirteen full throttle, asphalt kicking, uplifting rock ‘n’ roll anthems, smells like gasoline and feels like driving down the highway in your hot rod – the perfect soundtrack to the best rock ‘n’ roll party ever! www.spitfire-rock.de

Munich – Sometimes life writes more, the stories of those musicians dreams are made ??of: Actually, they were jumped just as local support for the Frankfurt punk band SERUM 114, but in the end they had a spontaneously promised record deal. Less than a year ago and is now on 22 March, with “Devil’s Dance” already the debut album by SpitFire appear. It carries with it the same title as the end of last year published EP and shows so clearly that the band is serious: they dare to “Devil’s Dance” in the direction of music career and shall henceforth rock for her soul. With its fresh, from Rock ‘n’ roll and some dirty, near-ground sound nuances live songs speak to SpitFire currently around not only in Munich’s rockabilly scene. Depletion mood, the SpitFire convey in their music is infectious. “Imagine the smell of gasoline, blaring out of the speakers decent rock ‘n’ roll on the back seat and sit back and enjoy the girls,” says the band itself, the sense of life that inspires them to their music. music is more than just songs where it crashes belonging. It’s an attitude, a sense of style.

A bit of AC/DC, a pinch of rockabilly and a touch of Southern Rock and Johnny Cash are in the street air, the SpitFire kicking up from the asphalt. In any case, the air tastes of lots Bathroom Private, for straightness, for confidence and for that “kiss my ass” feeling SpitFire have placed too drawer compliant mainstream music. SpitFire on the gas and drive the highway straight ahead, but not without to smile a little bit about yourself and existing rock clichés. might almost think they had made ??a pact with the devil and acquired a portion of composure and coolness that exists on this planet are not so freely available. And who knows where the journey is the “Devil’s Dance” goes? album and band embody undoubtedly kick ass rock ‘n roll as it appears in the textbook. Noisy, dirty and with a decent deal of courage.

Fulfilled stereotypes, loud guitars and a live performance that will enthrall. No wonder, since in the years of experience that have earned the band members despite her young age already, a kick is guaranteed in the ass. lineup: Dick Dropkick / Lead vocals, guitar Johnny Jailbreak / bass, backing vocals Nikk Nitro / Drums , backing vocals

Go! / My Way / City Of The Sinners / Kings Of Rock n Roll / Hellfire / Roll The Dice / Take My Throne / Enemy / No Regrets / Burn In Hell / Rusted Crown / Devil’s Dance / King Kerosin


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